Introduction: Nathan Griffin

(Nathan Griffin) #1

Hi everyone

(Daren L McClellan) #2

Hi Nathan

(Nathan Griffin) #3

Hi Daren. Thank you for saying hello.

(SeanO) #4

Hey @nathangriffin81, welcome to Connect! May the Lord Jesus bless you through your time in Connect as you grow in the grace and knowledge of Him.

How did you hear about Connect?

(Nathan Griffin) #5

Hi Sean,

Glad to be here. I am a core module alum. Got an email invite to join. Looking forward to learning from others in this community.

(SeanO) #6

@nathangriffin81 So glad you’ve joined us. Look forward to further conversation.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #7

Welcome, Nathan!!!

(Nathan Griffin) #8

Hi Warner,

Nice to be welcomed!

(Kathleen) #9

Welcome to Connect, @nathangriffin81! We’re glad you’ve joined us here after your your time spent in the Core Module. Did you find that a specific unit/topic resonated with you more than others?

(Nathan Griffin) #10

Hi Kathleen,

Hard to say for sure in relation to content. All the information that was provided I have found to be valuable in my conversations with people. In engaging people I don’t know I feel better equipped to ask questions with the intent of establishing a friendship. In the course of the relationships I have found myself drawn to asking questions that lead to deeper discussions when the opportunity presents. I’m also ok if people don’t want to go there. I just genuinely want to know people better today. Christians or otherwise. I am positive that from the overall experience the fellowship of the forums was my favorite part! Learning to pray, listen, engage, encourage, forgive, correct and be corrected by fellow Disciples of Jesus has been the most enriching ongoing lesson of my journey with RZIM, as well as my journey during this vapor of a life! Thank you for reaching out to say hello. How have you found your time spent with RZIM as well as your ministry of the Spirit out in the world?

(Kathleen) #11

Hello, again! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. :slight_smile:

The asking of questions that get you to a deeper level with people has been something I’ve been trying to work on as well. It’s such a challenge to me to not only be present, but to be engaged and actively present…to be thoughtful and draw things out. It’s almost like my level of curiosity needs to be changed! Quite challenging stuff…

As for my experience in ministry, these past years have breathed new life into me as I’ve seen God at work both in me and in others. It’s like He’s given me new eyes to see things I wouldn’t have noticed before! Being trained at OCCA was a huge part of that, as they not only tend to the intellectual nature of faith, but they know that that cannot be sustained well and fully apart from spiritual growth. I was very appreciative of this approach! And I’ve enjoyed getting to know this platform and the people on it for the last 6 months, and have been appreciative of the challenge and encouragement that the community brings. It truly is something special!

(Nathan Griffin) #12

Hi Kathleen- Yay God!! Love hearing about the Father moving in your life. It’s cool to see The Kingdom in focus. I read once that “Heaven is just a new pair of glasses” (Father Ed Dowling) It was a wise statement then having a profound and deep impact on a man named Chuck who years ago helped a lot of people understand God in a meaningful way. Looking forward to deepening my understanding by learning from your walk and others.

(C Rhodes) #13

Hi Lloyd Griffin! :grin:

(Nathan Griffin) #14

Hi Constance! Nice to see you again. Missed you my friend. Glad to see you are still full of Joy and the Peace and that surpasses all understanding.

Nathan Griffin