Introduction: Nathan Valdes

Hi everyone! I am very excited to finally be setting up my RZIM Account. A little about myself:

  • I am from Maryland USA

  • I teach apologetics and other evangelism courses at my church for the Adult Sunday School class.

  • I love music, working, evangelizing, spending time with family, girlfriend, and other friends.

  • I have a Bachelors of Science in Marketing.

I am so happy to be apart of this platform and I look forward to some of the conversations we will have!

With Love in Christ,

Nathan Valdes


Welcome to Connect, Nathan. It’s great to hear of your passion to serve the Lord. Were almost neighbors- I grew up in Virginia- so fellow East Coasters. :wink: Maybe some people from your church classes would be interested in joining Connect, too!


Hi @Nathaniel_Valdes,

I’m so glad you’ve joined! Can you tell us more about how you teach the apologetics and evangelism courses at your church? Curriculum you use? Class format? What have you learned that has been most helpful to you?

I ask for two reasons:
1 - I teach a class called Ask Your Question at my church and I’d love to learn from you.
2 - Many others in Connect are in the same position and we could help them out too.

Actually, now that I’m going… I’ll start a conversation about it and tag you in…!


Welcome @Nathaniel_Valdes,
As a fellow new member to connect.
I look forward to all you have to share.
May we grow and learn from each other and the community.


Welcome aboard @Nathaniel_Valdes. Love having academy alums joining. What did you love most about the core module? Are you using some of the information knowledge that you learned in your teaching? I hope to hear more about your ministry and apologetics teaching. God-bless you and your journey.


@CarsonWeitnauer just posted a great topic. Would love to read how some of your teaching has gone if it isn’t too much an imposition. Check it out: How to lead an apologetics class at your local church


Hey Nathan! @Nathaniel_Valdes
So neat to hear you’re teaching an apologetics class at church - this community will be a great source of encouragement for you as you minister to others.

I’m sure we will all benefit in learning from you, as well!
Enjoy checking things out!
The forums are very similar to the Core Module…kind and respectful conversations.