Introduction: Nathanael

(Nathanael) #1

Hi everyone.

Really great to join Connect! Greeting from Indonesia!!
Right now I am joining core module course at RZIM. Looking forward to grow together in Christ through this community.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Nathanael,

We’re delighted to have you join! I trust we have a great deal to learn from you. I’m so encouraged that you’ve signed up for the core module - it is an amazing experience. We look forward to growing with you - I hope you’ll be an active member!

(Brian Upsher) #3

Welcome Nathanael and great to have you along for the interesting ride that is RZIM Connect. It is a great site to share any burning questions you may have and allow all of us to learn and grow together :grinning:.

God bless and again welcome


(Warner Joseph Miller) #4

Welcome, Nathanael, to Connect! And congratulations on the Core Module, brother! Looking forward to being blessed by your insight and pray this community will be a blessing to YOU!!!