Introduction: Nels Johnson

(Nels) #1

Hello everyone!! I wanted to take the first step in love and say how much I appreciate all of you! This community is a creation we make by being vulnerable and edifying one another as sisters and brothers in Christ!! The first message I want to leave for all of you to ponder and reflect on is a very simple but increasingly powerful reality we have in Jesus!
When we harbor fear and allow it to rule our lives, we limit every aspect and opportunity of the love we wish to pour out on others. Fear is the complete opposite of true love. However, when we stand up and face our fears with the power and love of Christ, We Are Truly Free!!! It is then that we can perfectly love others as Christ does as well as receive love in its essence. It is beautiful, and so is our Lord Jesus!

(Keldon Scott) #2

Welcome aboard @Nels1. Glad you have chosen to join. Thank you for the very encouraging and positive message. I trust that you will engage frequently. I look forward to reading your uplifting posts. Happy New Year and God-bless

(Nels) #3

Thankyou Keldon! I appreciate you and your words, let’s change the world through Jesus!

(Kathleen) #4

Love the enthusiasm, @Nels1! Do they make pocket-sized versions of you that I can pull out whenever I need a pep-talk? :wink: Seriously though, welcome to Connect! We’re glad you’ve joined us here, and we pray that this community will be a place of encouragement and strengthening for you…as much as you’ve just encouraged us now. Looking forward to serving the Lord together! :slight_smile:

(Nels) #5

Hey right back at you Kathleen!! Indeed whenever you read the Bible and Fellowship with other believers in Christ, the Holy Spirit will unite us and in a small but deep way, I’ll be there! We are all part of the same family United through the love of Jesus Christ!! How awesome is that right! I am always here to support the church we build together!:grin: Woooo!! Haha

(Warner Joseph Miller) #6

Beautiful, brother. And true. Glad to have you, here, in the Connect community. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Welcome.

(Nels) #7

Thankyou for sharing your love as well Warner! I look forward to growing in relationship with you, the church, and Jesus! Let’s make 2019 a year that brings greater joy and glory to Jesus!