Introduction: Nitz Malaga

(Juanito Malaga ) #1

Hi everyone,

I have been watching Ravi & his team defending the Christian faith and I thank and praise God for doing such an amazing ministry.

I have embraced the Lordship of Christ since the late 80s and got baptized in 1992 way back in Middle East. I had the privilige of serving our small congregation in Dubai from 1999 to 2011 as pastor.

Now we have moved to Australia and the burden that I carry now is about our 4 children, now adults who have stopped attending church, and one of them turned into an atheist. My wife and I love our children very much and we always pray for them and always talk to them about their faith. They served in the church music ministry as choir members and guitarists when they were young. But I guess the peer pressure and influence of ‘free’ society and the destructive effect of the online games have done havoc on their Christian journey.

I joined this connect hoping to find how others with similar burdens have found ways to bring back the faith of lost family members, specially those addicted by online gaming.

Nitz Malaga
Brisbane, Australia

(Keldon Scott) #2

Welcome aboard @Nitz. Very glad that you have joined us. Love your heart. I have a son that has not accepted Christ. Count it a blessing that you were accountable and trained them up in the way they should go. I am a prodigal as perhaps your children are. Because of the foundation my folks gave me I was able to have the Holy Spirit renew my faith and purpose in 2007. I have just prayed for your children. Please pray for mine. After all prayer is a defenseless weapon isn’t it? God-bless you and your journey and thank you for your transparency.

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @Nitz,

Welcome… I grieve to hear about your kids walking away from the faith you so intentionally raised them in. It is encouraging to hear your loving, tender heart towards them. You will definitely meet other parents in Connect who are in a similar position and are sharing with one another this burden in prayer and strengthening one another to continue loving their children, building the trust, having open conversations, and remaining hopeful that their kids may decide to follow Jesus.

(Juanito Malaga ) #4

Thank you so much @Keldon_Scott. Your kind words have lightened my loads. I did pray that the Holy Spirit will lead your son to find, know and accept the saving grace of our Lord Jesus.

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(Juanito Malaga ) #5

Thanks so much @CarsonWeitnauer. I do hope to find others who are in similar situation as mine. May the Lord bless richly your ministry. In Jesus’ name.

(Keldon Scott) #6

Thak you.