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(Brian Corbett) #1

Hi everyone.
Having followed RZIM for many years now I am relieved to see Ravi’s ministry inherited by competent young individuals who may see it survive his retirement. It has been frustrating in sharing my enthusiasm for RZIM and Christ with fellow Canadians who have been subjected to anti-Christian sentiment and policy throughout our institutions including the education system, CBC and most recently an ideological Liberal federal government. Mostly I am made to appear foolish, ignorant or even dangerous when trying to discuss the most basic truths portrayed in the Scriptures. Ravi’s talks, most of which I have heard, along with John Lennox, Vince and Jo Vitale have helped to encourage me with sound reasons for faith however I feel my testimonies usually fall on intransigent minds. My wife and I pray that the way we live in Christ will be evidence of the substance in our words but we may never witness evidence in our lifetime of that hope.
I ask that others pray for our misguided country, Canada, which is surely on a misguided and treacherous trajectory into an irrational or even tyrannical state.
Thank you all.

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Nopro. :smiley: Sorry to hear about the unwelcoming environment you are experiencing in uour country. May you be a Light for Christ and find Connect as an inspiration to keep persevering. I was reminded of your post this morning with the RZIM Slice of Infinity today, which referenced John 1:5, “The light shines n the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” We know ultimately, Christ will prevail, and we can rejoice He will do so in a way that brings Himself glory.

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(Brian Corbett) #3

Thank you for that encouragement, Brittany.

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