Introduction: Oyunbold from Mongolia


(Oyunbold Shine) #1

My name is Oyunbold and I am writing from Mongolia. I am a born-again Christian for over 10 years and I attend a small, non-denominational Torch church in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city. I serve as an elder of the church, work part-time in an NGO, and have just started a Christian Apologetics ministry UCHIRT ITGEL (literally means “Reasonable Faith”), which probably is the first and only such ministry in the country. I am also a RZIM Academy alumnus (2016) and have been in contact with RZIM Asia office for some time, getting advices on our ministry in Mongolia. I live with my wife Hannah and daughters Gracie (7) and Shekina (4).

Uchirt Itgel ministry’s purpose is to help believers strengthen their faith during the hard days of questions and confusions as well as to help non-believers know more about Christianity with approaches with more explanations and reasoning. We are planning to translate books, articles; multimedia ministering, organize seminars and other events in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia of China, as we work with other well-known apologetics ministries.

Email: [email protected]

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #2

Hello @Oyunbold_Shine. I praise God to know that there is an apologetics movement there in Mongolia. Is UCHIRT ITGEL connected to William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith ministry in any way? I do look forward to learn more with you. Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile:

(Helen Tan) #3

Hi Oyunbold, welcome to Connect! I am looking forward to hearing from you in the discussions. Can you tell us more about what ministering in Mongolia is like? Is the Christian faith well-received?

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Hi Oyunbold, I just read what you posted in the discussion forum. Thank you for sharing that and I am praying for you and your ministry Mongolia.

(Oyunbold Shine) #5

Hi. Thank you.
No, it’s not connected with Reasonable Faith. The meaning of the name is almost same.

(Oyunbold Shine) #6

Hi @Helen_Tan,

Yes, you may have a brief info about Christianity in Mongolia from my post about book translation:

… Christianity has been spreading in Mongolia for the last 2 decades rapidly. However, still less than 4 percent of the population is Christians by now. The number is even declining in recent years. As a former communist (soviet) society, with heavy tradition of Buddhism and Shamanism, Mongolians are socially atheists but massively superstitious. I believe there is an enormous necessity of Christian Apologetics ministry in Mongolia where there is an awful controversy within the society on religions, specially on Christianity, which people say, a foreign religion trying to brainwash the poor people.

(Melvin Greene) #7

Hello, @Oyunbold_Shine. It is wonderful to have you a part of this community. I have never corresponded with anyone from Mongolia before. This is very exciting for me. I look forward to many conversations with you. It is an amazing thing to me to think about how wonderfully diverse the Church of Jesus Christ is, and yet we are unified by one God, one Savior, and one Spirit.

(Brian Weeks) #8

Oyunbold, your perspective will surely be a valuable one here in Connect as you work to shine the light of Christ in a dark place. As a fellow entrepreneur, I applaud and encourage you in your creative work with Uchirt Itgel. Your ministry’s purpose is particularly attractive as you seek to minister to both the lost and the Christian. I hope to hear more from you, Oyunbold, as we go along!

(Olivia Davis) #9

Hi Oyunbold! I’m really looking forward to hearing you share your perspective as an apologist in Mongolia! Welcome!!

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Welcome to RZIM Connect! Praise the Lord for your ministry to the people of Mongolia!

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Hi @Oyunbold_Shine,

Welcome to Connect! We are privileged to have you in Connect. We have so much to learn from you as you serve the Lord in Mongolia.

We also would love to be praying for you and encouraging you as you start this important ministry. Please let us know of any questions you have and hopefully other brothers and sisters within Connect can be helpful to you, feeding you research and other helps as you lead this ministry.

(Oyunbold Shine) #12

Yes. That’s true. The church is very diverse indeed. And thanks for responding.

(Oyunbold Shine) #13

Thanks so much for the encouragement.

(Oyunbold Shine) #14

You guys can see the post about the prayer request on the project we are firstly doing.

Here: Ravi’s book translation into Mongolian language - prayer request