Introduction: patrick Mungai

(Patrick Mungai) #1

Hi everyone My name is Patrick from Kenya. I am so glad to be here and am looking forward to learn more from each and everyone of you as I also contribute to the discussions.
One thing I have realized is that I need to grow in the area of answering the questions clearly.

(SeanO) #2

@Patrick_Mungai Welcome to Connect :slight_smile: The Lord Jesus bless your time here. You’re in the right place.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Greetings, brother!!! Welcome to Connect! We are grateful for you choosing to be apart of this community as well as what I know you’ll bring to this community. Grace and peace, Patrick!

(Lakshmi Mehta) #4

@Patrick_Mungai, Great to have you join discussions on Connect. Asking and answering the right questions with compassionate listening and most of all doing that under the guidance of the Holy Spirit is indeed a challenge. By God’s grace and faithful leadership serving this community, this platform has been a safe place to practice answering questions by engaging in discussions. Look forward to learning with you!

(chandra kishore sardar) #5

welcome @Patrick_Mungai. Good to have you here. I am looking forward to learn together.

(Taylor) #6

Welcome Patrick! Glad that you’re here.

(Lorna Abwonji) #7

Karibu sana Patrick
Fellow Kenyan here :wave::wave::wave: