Introduction: Paul93

(Paul McGinnett) #1

Hi everyone
I’m a father of three teens. I’m trying to stay up on social media and cultural. I figured RZIM could help me do that.

(Matt Western) #2

Hi Paul,
a warm welcome. Teens are a challenge! I have one 15 year old daughter, and it’s both scary and exciting for a dad as they go through such huge changes.
I do miss the hugs that I used to get, but enjoy how much my daughter is able to communicate and process very complicated things now. Just gotta watch for the ‘switch off’ signal when they stop listening. Hehe. Teens still need us (for a while yet). :slight_smile:

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Welcome to RZIM Connect, @Paul93!! Glad you decided to make this community apart of your journey experience. As is the case of the RZIM team and staff, RZIM Connect has built a community of folks from all over the world…representing many different cultures, ages, backgrounds and experiences. So yeah…I’m hopeful that this platform may be a blessing to you. We’re blessed to have you. Welcome!