Introduction: Paula

(Paula Casamayor Segarra) #1

Hi everyone!

My name is Paula Casamayor and I’m from Spain. Two years ago I started to read the Bible for the first time in my life, being all my context atheist, and after 6 months I decided to follow Christ what changed my life completely!

Since the beginning I was really interested in knowing more about my new worldview, and when RZIM Academy appeared I loved it! It is a privilege to share this amazing platform with all of you and I look forward to learning and sharing by your side :slight_smile:

Best regards and blessings,

(Jason Walker) #2

Welcome @paula GOD bless you and AMEN “GOD is Love, GOD is good, GOD is just, GOD is everything.”

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Welcome, Paula, to the Connect community! It is great to have you here and the privilege of sharing this amazing platform is indeed…well…shared!:blush: look forward to hearing and learning from you and from your perspective, as well. God bless you, sister! And again…WELCOME!

(Glen Gibson) #4

Welcome, Paula. Thanks for sharing a bit of your faith journey in your introduction. I love to hear about people who became a Christian after reading the Bible. It truly is life-giving.