Introduction: Pauline

(pauline mckechnie) #1

Hi everyone. I have just completed the core module in apologetics and have found it such a helpful and encouraging experience. I am a retired doctor who has recently become a grandmother. I am part of a large church in southern England and have been involved with RZIM for many years. It has been a great blessing and I look forward to sharing with others the work that Christ is doing all over the world.

(SeanO) #2

@pitt Welcome to Connect! So glad you’ve been encouraged through the core module and the ministry of RZIM. May Christ bless you through your time here on the forms as you seek His face. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions on the forms. Blessings.

(Harvey) #3

Hello Pauline,
God bless you for your continued study and joy for apologetics. Just finished the core module and I am only just beginning and look forward to having a few years under my belt, too. #GodBless you and yours.

(Brittany Bowman) #4

Welcome! It is great to hear of your commitment to studying Christ over the years, and I’m sure your kids and grandkids are blessed by the knowledge you share. Congrats on the growing family!

(Kathleen) #5

Welcome to Connect, @pitt! Always great to have another UK-er on here. (I would say British, but I’m not really British. Just a ex-pat who’s currently enjoying what Britain has to offer in the way of culture and way of life! :smile: ) What city are you based in? Looking forward to learning with and from you!