Introduction: Phil Murada

I said hello in the wrong place before. I’ve been trying, still, to become familiar with this site.

I joined as explained in my first Topic Slavery and the Bible

But since being here for a little while, I wonder if I can find some Christian friendship. I confessed this, I think in the wrong place, God given Passion and Purpose

Maybe I will find some friends at RZIM Connect, maybe.


@philm, sure I can be ur Christian friend on this platform :grinning:[quote=“philm, post:1, topic:24090”]
I confessed this, I think in the wrong place,

not at all amigo, ur in the right zone.

I too on similar lines got connected to this awesome rzimdom as i call it.

Peace n Regards,


Welcome aboard @philm. You have friends here as a child of God. If you need anything feel free to reach out with a personal direct message or post a category. Boiling carrots? So glad you were so caught up in caring here that you forgot. Good thing you could smell them burning too. You chime in at anytime. Love having Christians from Australia here. But even more being connected half a globe away. God-bless you and your journey.

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Shame on me,
For not responding before now.

I thought of you when I read this, days ago. I kept putting off writing because I am almost always looking and longing for Godly inspiration and thoughts and words. I tend to think I need other people’s words to express myself better, and am not trusting as much as I like to think I am, in His all sufficientness. I think the word should be sufficiency. I struggle to be correct with the only language I know and I wonder how literate you are in more than one language. I think native English speakers are the most mono lingual people on the planet. I thought you were Spanish as you seem to use Spanish words at times. At least I thought I read you doing that. As much as I do ask the LORD, to be my memory, or ask Him to bring to my mind what He would have to be in my mind. Which now, I want to trust, He has brought to my mind, that you were in my mind very early this morning and hence my attempt to try to commune with you.

You say you are from India and you are probably good at multi-tasking, which I am not so good at. But right now, I’m multi-tasking, and it is good, yum. I’m drinking hot chocolate and eating home made chocolate cake, while I am editing this copying I’m doing. I pray this will make some sense to you as you read on.

Thank you Brother for your kindness in offering your friendship. I am still trying to find my way around in as you say, this rzimdom. I am finding Jimmy_Sellers a blessing and want to read more of his topics.

Let’s Stop Pretending Christianity is Actually Relevant, Okay?

And I am trying to post in this topic.

I am writing here but not here. I am writing in a word processor, Open Office. I get a bit, maybe a lot mixed up writing in the forum. So I try to write most of what I think I want to say and then copy it to the rzimdom. But invariably it needs more work when I get it there (er, here now).

I am verbose, I know. I think it relates to being lonely. Maybe I am lonely because I am verbose. I don’t actually believe that last sentence, I’m just trying to be funny. Good communication takes lots of practice and every person I try to communicate with, takes time. Depending on how intimate I want to be with them and how intimate they want to be with me.

I like reading. I only want to read what encourages me in the LORD. I struggle reading the Bible. I get tense. Other writings are easier, because it is not necessarily inspired by God, but I want to trust God that He enables the Bible to be innately inspired. Because I believe the Bible is God inspired, I’m tense because I know I don’t understand everything I’m reading, and what God is saying is more important than anything else in existence, in Him all things consist… Col 1:17 KJV. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made. John 1:3 KJV

I use words that I don’t really understand and I like to try to understand them.

innately /ɪˈneɪtli/


  1. as an inborn characteristic; naturally.

“he says females are innately predisposed to learn about people and their emotions”

Yeah, but I’m male and it still applies to me.

How great is it to have such a luxury and the blessing of internet resources. Yeah, as you say so often, yeah but any good thing can be abused and misused. I trust we shall thank the LORD and use it to His Glory.

I like to read Godly biographies and Joseph Alleine from the 1600’s, when he was sick and the doctors told him he couldn’t keep preaching or it would kill him. he still kept preaching and reaching out door to door in the town, as he was carried around in a chair, and he said,

” What do I have strength for, but to spend it for the LORD.”

Dear Brother, those Brother’s words are a powerful testimony, are they not.

I’m getting tired and I am copying this to the rzimdom and praying I will post it, post haste.

adverb: posthaste

with great speed or immediacy.

“she would go post-haste to England”

Well, my post-haste has been pre-post-erously slow. Hours.

Bless you,

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@philm , man I really didn’t understand what you were trying to say OR a word you said in the long lengthy reply you posted. Anyways it was funny and hilarious. It made me wonder ur vocabulary is awesome and tastes like the PhD candidate at best. All glitter n glamor but no sense to make of it.

keep em coming pal. ur awesome :grin:

@philm, having said that bro it is the Lord who is our Shepherd and gives us all good things and protects us :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: