Introduction: Poornima



My name is poornima ramaiah… Learning a lot through RZIM

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Poornima,

Welcome! We’re so glad you’ve joined. Enjoy reading and learning! When you have a question, we’d be glad to hear from you as well.


(Melvin Greene) #3

Welcome @POORNIMA. We hope you feel at home here. May the Lord bless you through this community.

(Helen Tan) #4

Hi Poornima, welcome to Connect where we can learn even more from within the RZIM family! Looking forward to getting to know you and hearing from you.

(Keldon Scott) #5

@POORNIMA welcome aboard. That’s awesome that you’re learning so much. I hope that your experience here will be equally rewarding.

(Natasha Morton) #6

Welcome Pornima!!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Yes I have realized answer of questions of life is in Bible… Trying my best to understand to enjoy life:)


Thank you Helen…God bless you


Thank you Melvin


Sure Carson …Will do Thank you :slight_smile:

(Brian Weeks) #12

Hi Poornima, and welcome to Connect! I’m encouraged to read you’re learning a lot through RZIM. And I’m looking forward to our time together here as we all learn from one another.


Thank you Brian