Introduction: Prashanth Daniel

(Prashanth Daniel) #1

Hi everyone, I’m actually introducing myself much later than I should have, given I’ve been part of Connect since June last year! But it shows as incomplete on my profile page and I dont like that! So there!

My name is Prashanth Daniel and I’ve been a Christian now for over 27 years. The Lord has called me into the field of Christian Apologetics and I’ve been thankful to get some good training and several opportunities to practice apologetics along the way! It was also wonderful being part of the EAP last year in June and getting to meet some fine people there.

Having been a Christian for a long time obviously doesn’t mean one has all the answers. So I love growing and learning and look forward to seeing how God uses this life to make me more like His Son. Bless you guys and I look forward to participating in plenty of fruitful discussions.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Welcome OFFICIALLY to CONNECT, brother. I think you and I actually joined in the same month! :grin:It’s been a pleasure and blessing to read many of your insightful comments, man. I look forward to many more. Again, WELCOME!

(SeanO) #3

@prashanthdaniel I also could not leave the welcome task unchecked, so I introduced myself after having been on Connect for about a year :slight_smile: Appreciate your contributions and praying that Jesus might use you mightily as you share His love and truth on Connect and in your community.