Introduction: Praveen Chinthala

(Praveen Chinthala) #1

Hello everyone!

My name is Praveen Chinthala, I live in Charlotte NC. I have heard Dr Ravi Zacharias many years ago and continue to be amazed at the wisdom and clarity with which he is able to present gospel around the world. Not only Dr Ravi but all the speakers in RZIM ministry are doing such wonderful ministry.

I look forward to discuss with and learn from all of you in this wonderful forum.

Have a great day!!

(Edward Cho) #2


I recently joined as well! And, I am finding many different perspectives and answers to some of the questions that I had both answered and unanswered.

God bless!

(Eileen) #3

Hello Praveen, welcome, my name is Son-shines, my home is here in B.C. Canada. I like you have come into this wonderful community because of listening to Brother Ravi Zacharias. And I have a great interest in being able to share my faith and to answer some of the hard questions, with humility and love. Hope you are blessed.
God bless you.

(Praveen Chinthala) #4

Thanks Edcho!