Introduction: Priscilla Tang

(Priscilla) #1

Hi everyone I am Priscilla Tang, a pet-portrait artist from Hong Kong.

(SeanO) #2

@mutts Welcome to Connect! Christ bless you as you seek His face.

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome to Connect, @mutts! Are you here for the Understanding and Answering Islam conference this weekend?

(Sanchia_J) #4

Hi Priscilla, welcome :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing you around the forums. :slight_smile:

(Priscilla) #5

I dont seem to know how to open the conference…can you please help ?

(Kathleen) #6

So sorry, I wasn’t working the conference this weekend, and am just now seeing this. Were you able to figure it out?

(Ogah) #7

Hello Priscilla, welcome to connect. Bless you