Introduction: R. Tim Nolin


(R.Tim Nolin) #1

Hi everyone, I am an EMS helicopter pilot with a week on, week off schedule. My wife, Mahadyan, is from Indonesia, a graduate of the Bandung Seminary who has a heart to see children come to know the Lord and loves hymns and cooking. Our first son, Benaiah, is five and our daughter Yvette is now three. A wonderful gift from the Lord, our children are as great a delight as they are a challenge that requires our full exercise of the Holy Spirit’s enabling grace. I am a Texas transplant from New England after retiring from the Marine Corps. I am a graduate of Biola’s Science and Religion Master’s program and had the wonderful opportunity to attend RZIM’s Summer Residency at the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics. I desire to multiply this wonderful knowledge that the Lord has provided for His good use.

I am a late Christian believer having been raised in a semi-Catholic environment before indulging in a wayward existential lifestyle. I recognize the danger of a culture that enables our selfish inclinations towards autonomy having been drawn into the anti-theistic spheres of atheism, pluralism, scientism, hedonism, and relativism. I can attest that I was not seeking the Lord when He brought me to my senses by way of a disjunctive moral dilemma I could not satisfactorily resolve according to my deficient worldview. Having lived the first two-thirds of my life apart from God I am eager to make up for the delinquency. Since my conversion I enjoy studying theology, reading various genres of Christian literature, and find apologetics a particularly interesting aspect of Christianity. I appreciate apologetics and how it has strengthened my faith, yet have to admit not sharing it very well in a practical, culturally engaging manner. At this time, I am concentrating on being an ambassador for Christ by being a discipler and mentor to believers as an advocate for God’s majesty.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Tim, welcome to Connect! Thank you for sharing your story. It is encouraging to see how God can get ahold of our lives no matter our past! It looks like you’ve dived right in. I know many of the professors at Biola and have the utmost of respect for them. And the Summer Residency at OCCA is a quite a treat! I look forward to growing as an ambassador for Christ with you - may he give us tender, humble, kind hearts as we reach out in love to our neighbors with the good news!

(SeanO) #3

Greetings @RTNolin! Praise God for His work in your life. May the Lord continue to bless your family and your ministry as you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

(Keldon Scott) #4

welcome. Glad to have you on board. Having these forms to review and to participate will help. I fear a tad bit of coveting when you indicated you were at the Oxford Center of Christian apologetics. I hope someday to be able to share that experience. Thank you for sharing your story with such transparency. I look forward to reading your posts as I am sure you will encourage others here as well as help them develop understanding as well.

(Megan Kemp) #5

Hi Tim!

Welcome to RZIM Connect! I found I related to parts of your story, and I praise God for your conversion by way of the moral dilemma!

Thank you for serving our country. My brother was a Marine and I’m very proud of him.