Introduction: Rachel Pequignot


(Rachel Pequignot) #1

Hello everyone! Thankful I found this opportunity to connect with like minded people online that could help me grow and challenge my faith and me being able to do likewise. I stumbled across this site after looking up some big faith questions that I often get asked in my line of work as a crisis chat line soul medic. Most of them consisting of what is my purpose in life and why does God allow evil. I believe the more and more I encounter these hard questions I want to be able to have an answer ready in humility and love for those in crisis.

I became a believer 10 years ago when I realized that I am not a good person and needed a savior to rescue me. I had controversial sin in my life that even believers today don’t like to talk about as it can cause too much conflict but I believe God saved me so that I could be a light into such darkness.

Also desire to equip myself mentally and spiritually for a new journey ahead of having my first born child!

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Rachel,

I am so glad you introduced yourself!

The aim for RZIM Connect is to be ‘better than Google, when you have a faith or life question.’ In Connect, real people are going to personally answer your question with prayer, empathy, and insight. We’d be honored if this community becomes your first stop for asking a question that comes from your service on the crisis chat line. We’d love for any or all of your co-workers to consider Connect a trusted go-to resource as well.

And for what it is worth, I have found that my ten years in campus ministry were excellent preparation for being the father of two children. I believe that serving others in our vocation (of whatever kind) prepares us to love well in any context, including the family.

As for your testimony, I understand. I am grateful that we are all saved by grace. None of us brought any merit into our relationship with Jesus. You are welcome here! I look forward to learning from your humble and caring heart.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #3

Welcome to Connect @Rachel_Pequignot. I look forward to learn from you as well. May the Lord be able to use Connect to help your faith be more grounded, and also help you grow in your relationship with the Lord. :slight_smile:

(Rachel Pequignot) #4

Thank you!

(Rachel Pequignot) #5

Thanks Carson!

I was actually thinking the same thing and will be sending the link to my fellow staff members for them to look at. I think all of us could really use it since I know some of us can feel burnt out at times and want to keep the compassion for our clients alive.

And as for staying connected with the Lord and ministry I believe it helps 100% to help us love our family all the more.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #6

Hey Rachel!! Welcome to CONNECT, sister! And also…a HUGE CONGRATS on the baby pronouncement! Wow, thx so much for sharing that. Blessings upon blessings for you and your family.

PS - while I understand what you mean by:

I had controversial sin in my life that even believers today don’t like to talk about as it can cause too much conflict

…it’s my hope and belief that our CONNECT community as well as the universal Church community can begin to engage these “controversial sins”, questions and topics with thoughtfulness, love, grace, authenticity and truth. And that our answers and responses in these areas would also be thoughtful, loving, gracious, authentic and truthful. Because if we as the bearers of Truth do not engage those “controversies” with right information, then there will be plenty – without the truth of God’s revelation in Christ – who will with wrong information.

Thank you so much for being here, Rachel. Truly

(Rachel Pequignot) #7

Thank you Warner!

Definitely looking forward to a new bundle of joy in the family.

Also I couldn’t agree more. My hope is that the church can engage humbly more and more in controversial topics and do so in truth and love. Definitely don’t want fear of controversy holding me back from sharing the work that Christ has done in my life :slight_smile: