Introduction: Rakesh Bhattacharya

(Rakesh Bhattacharya) #1

Hi everyone,

I am a chiropractor in Houston, Texas. I am joining this group to learn, expand and share my faith with my community.

Thank you,
Rakesh Bhattacharya

(Kathleen) #2

Welcome, @DrRockDC! We’re so glad you’ve joined us here on Connect!

(Joshua Spare) #3

Welcome to Connect, @DrRockDC! I look forward to reading some of your contributions to the forums here in the coming weeks! If I may, how did you stumble across Connect? Also, do you have any questions that you have been pondering in recent days?

Blessings on you, my friend! I hope you find incredible joy and encouragement from the community here on Connect!

(Daniel Lira Serhan) #4

Welcome @DrRockDC!

(Lakshmi Mehta) #5

@DrRockDC, Welcome to Connect! Praise God for your passion to share your faith. This platform is a great place to discuss questions that you encounter through your experiences and it would be of benefit to other members in this community as well. I look forward to learning from your contributions!

(Warner Joseph Miller) #6

Welcome to the community, brother!