Introduction: RaSheed

Where are you from? NOVA (Northern Virginia)

What led you to join Connect? I have been listening to Ravi Zacharias’ podcasts and fell in love with Theology and Apologetics and wanted to connect to learn more and see how I can fit in.

How do you hope to contribute? I hope to become as skilled as Ravi to defend the faith as he has. I plan to teach and contribute the apologetics movement. I am currently seeking to enter into a Ph.D. Program in Theology & Apologetics. Ultimately, teach at a university and reach young people (sorry for the long answer).


Welcome, @RaSheed1171! We’re glad you’ve joined us here on Connect. That’s exciting to hear about your study plans. Is that something you’re currently applying for or have you been accepted somewhere? :slight_smile:


I am currently at Regent University finishing up my Master of Divinity conc. Biblical Studies and recently decided I would attend Liberty University starting with a Th.M. In Theology & Apologetics then enter their Ph.D. In Theology &Apologetics.


Welcome to Connect, RaSheed. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s wonderful to have you join us, and I am excited to see where your heart to share God takes you. Which of the RZIM podcasts have stood out to you most?

Also, what part of NOVA do you live? I’ve been there many times and grew up in the rural part of VA just outside of NOVA. Besides being a tad crowded, it’s a wonderful city!


Wow, that’s a heavy request because I have listed to every “Just Thinking” PodCast 2-3 times on repeat. I think ordered every book he suggested and know Malcolm Muggeridge personally right now.

I am SO fascinated with Ravi and his team of apologists. How in the world can he remain so calm? I just love it—so I cannot pick one because everyone of his PodCasts are power packed.

I plan to fill my library with every book he has ever written and attend the week training one of these days.

Sorry if I didn’t answer the question but I love everything he has produced here; it is my hope to someday model after him.


Welcome aboard @RaSheed1171. Love your energy and enthusiasm. Quite the goals you have set for the kingdom. Please feel free to contribute your ideas, sage, and encouragement to those here. Welcome some as they enter. I feel the infectiousness CSLewis referenced in Mere Christianity reading your responses. Thank you. God-bless you and your journey.


Mr. Scott,

Thank you and I will definitely jump in here and participate soon. I have couple of papers to write and have been working around the clock (literally). I will definitely take the time to interact and interject.

Thank you again for the warm welcome, kind words and encouragement.

Kingdom Blessings!


Welcome to Connect - almost neighbor! :smile: I live in MD. Looking forward to your participation.



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