Introduction: Rashidah Lovick

(Rashidah Lovick) #1

Hi, everyone! My name is Rashidah, and I live in North Carolina, USA. I was born into an African-American Muslim family, but I became a Christian as a child after my mother came to Christ. Three years ago, God called me to be an ambassador to Muslims, and I have been on an amazing adventure ever since! I work with a mobilization ministry called Crescent Project, whose goal is to see every Muslim have an opportunity to respond to the Gospel and be connected with a true follower of Christ. I am always eager to learn more about Islam and apologetics so that the Lord can use that knowledge as I reach out to Muslims.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Welcome to RZIM CONNECT, Rashidah! So glad that your journey delving into apologetics and Islamic student has brought you here. Please explore the different conversation threads and/or begin one of your own. There are definitely many here who share the same passionate evangelistic heart for Muslims and would benefit from your insight and you, there’s. Very much looking forward to hearing more from you in the near future. God’s every blessing, sister. Peace!

(Joshua Spare) #3

Welcome, @rashidahteaches! What a story! I love to hear how God’s good providence provides the necessary backgrounds to serve His purposes so beautifully! Praise God for the ministry that you do! And welcome to our community here; I am certainly looking forward to your engagement on some of the topics, as it sounds like you have a great deal to contribute to the conversations!

(Daren L McClellan) #4

Welcome Rashidah.

(Cordia Simon) #5

Welcome Rashidah! What an awesome testimony and beautiful calling! :slight_smile: