Introduction: Reena Hiew

(Reena Hiew) #1

Hi everyone, signing in as a newbie in RZIM Connect as an apologist wannabe :smile: :raising_hand_woman:

(Preston Blake Powell) #2

Hi Reena! I’m new as well. Welcome!

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Hey there, Reena! Firstly…LOVE your emojis! :ok_hand:t6::grinning:Secondly… WELCOME TO THE CONNECT COMMUNITY!!! So glad you chose to log on and become a part of this community. Looking forward to hearing and learning more from you. I hope that Connect would be a blessing to you, as well. Grace and peace!

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @reenahiew,

There’s a lot of us like that here! We’re all trying to grow to be more like Jesus in our character - and that includes becoming better prepared to share the gospel with our neighbors. I look forward to growing together with you!

(Gregory Ho Chung Wai) #5

Hi Reena,
Good to see a fellow classmate in Core Module here. Just joined…late entry as usual.:stuck_out_tongue:

God bless

(Reena Hiew) #6

Good to see you here Dr Gregory!

(Reena Hiew) #7

:clap: Good to see you here Preston!