Introduction: Reint-Jan

(Reint Jan Rammelaere) #1

Hi everyone, I’m from Prince Edward Island, Canada. I love apologetics, defending the faith, debating, and logically thinking about what I believe in, and why. The mechanics and intellect behind our faith is my passion. I’m a student at Kingswood University, NB, Canada, studying evangelism and theology. I love Jesus, and look forward to learning from you all, knowing we share the same interestm, faith and heart.

In Christ our King,


(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Wow, welcome, @Reint-Jan_Rammelaere to the Connect community! So privileged to have you here and am expectantly hopeful that Connect would be a resource and blessing to you and in all that you do to make His Name great! Blessings, brother!

(SeanO) #3

@Reint-Jan_Rammelaere Welcome to Connect brother! Great to hear that you are diving deeper into the Word through your education - may the Spirit of Jesus fill your heart, sanctify your heart and mind and draw many to Himself through your life.

Blessings in the Battle