Introduction: Rob

(Rob) #1

Hello Everyone,

My name is Rob and I live in Toronto, Canada. The Holy Spirit gave me a new heart a few years ago and I am trying to make myself worthy of Gods gift. It’s been hard because sin does not let go easily without a fight but I am making gains with the help of the Holy Spirit. I use the Bible as my # 1 reference with a little help from Charles Spurgeon, John Macarthur, R C Sproul, Ravi Zacharias and my local church. Ive been living in darkness for decades due to the influence of a false religion. Thankfully God intervened with some strategically placed sermons at the moment when I was at my weakest. The Lord illuminated my path with truth and my true journey in life has begun. God bless you all.

(Keldon Scott) #2

Welcome aboard @Ilovejesus. Glad to have you with us. So very thankful also that timely sermons enabled the peace that you have now. I pray blessings of understanding for you. As you explore this forum please enjoy. So many here are so caring and well read. Contribute often. Would love to hear more of your journey and what you have historically struggled with. God-bless.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #3

@Ilovejesus, Welcome to this community! It is so encouraging to hear of your testimony and your desire to walk in holiness. The saddest thing for me about sincere followers of false religion is deception. Praise God for reaching out to you! He is truly not far from any of us! May the Holy Spirit reveal Himself to you in increasing measures as you seek to know our Lord Jesus. Look forward to learning with you on Connect!


Welcome, there is wonderful truth and freedom here