Introduction: Robert J Merrill

(Robert J Merrill) #1

I am a 47 years old throat cancer survivor. I can only talk in hush tones, I have no steady employment, and I love Christ. Throughout all of my trials, God has carried me through. I should be homeless, but God has allowed me to live with my Mom. I should not have a car, but God opened a door for me to have a car. Because I can barely talk, I should not be able to minister at all. But I am a motion graphics artist and the LORD has allowed my 12 year old computer to still be used and I have made over 40 videos on YouTube, all with the Gospel as the center theme. Hundreds of people have watched it and I have the amazing privilege to keep that up.

I have an impossible goal in Christ. I am going to make a series of feature films, whose core is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Those films will be as good as the MCU and as godly as the old Billy Graham films. Impossible. For me…absolutely. But for God, Absolutely not. HE is molding me, I have been writing full scripts (I’ve got two completed and working on the third) and I am taking course in screen writing.

I have one thing that I want said about my life at the end. That I did all that God had given into my hands to do and that I was a real servant of Christ.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Wow, brother, welcome to RZIM Connect and thank you so much for sharing just a bit of your testimony. Many times it’s encouraging (and sobering) to hear what God has done in and with the lives of His people from all walks of life. Thank you, again, for sharing that. Greatly looking forward to hearing your insights. Welcome!

(Timothy Loraditch) #3

Welcome, Robert.

That is an awesome goal and with that record, it sounds likely you will succeed. I know so many that gave up on God because of their difficulties. Your life is a testimony of faith.


(Lleyton Herb) #4

Welcome! As merely a teenager in high school, I appreciate your story where you have actually displayed the fortitude that you have built with God throughout the obstacles of your life. Not many days pass that allow me to hear living stories of those growing with God through struggles. I hope to model your faith in God as I continue through my life. It is inspiring and humbling. I thank you for sharing and joinging.

(Robert J Merrill) #5

Thank you for those encouraging words.

(Robert J Merrill) #6

I appreciate that. Everyday, I struggle with doubt and fear. But everyday, I do three things. I try to learn a new insight in God’s Word. I learn a new skill in Motion Graphics. And I learn a new principle in story telling. I most admit, there are days were I did none of those three, but everyday I try to do all of them. And it is getting better everyday.
Thank you

(Robert J Merrill) #7

I love hearing from young people. I taught high school for 8 years and Sunday school for 10. I love teens. I always believed that God has a special blessing for this generation. I am no prophet, but it is feeling I have had for over 10 years. I pray you find God’s purpose for your life and pursue it with everything you got.
God bless

And thank you for you comment