Introduction: Robert_William_Kleber

(Robert William Kleber) #1

Hi everyone,

My name is Robert William Kleber. I am a Denver Seminary Student and I was at ETS and EPS for the first time this weekend. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Stuart Mcallister after a paper on Apatheism was given. I wanted to mention he was extremely kind and such a real pleasure to meet. I had no idea he was a fan of Bach. Please keep up with what you’re all doing and God bless you all at RZIM.
I cannot wait to engage with everyone here. This looks like a very cool place to chat with everyone.

Robert Kleber

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #2

Hi Robert! It’s great to have you on board! I look forward to your contributions!
I love listening to Stuart on youtube, he is one of my favourite apologists!

(James Armbruster) #3

Welcome Robert!

Forgive me but I do not recognize ETS or EPS, are they RZIM events?

How is your seminary experience affecting your faith?

(Anthony Costello ) #4

It’s good to see RZIM team members involved in ETS/EPS! I’m continually impressed when I see RZIM speakers almost seamlessly flowing between the world of scholarship and global evangelism. It’s truly amazing!

Looking forward to next year’s ETS in San Diego!


(Anthony Costello ) #5


Evangelical Theological Society and Evangelical Philosophical Society. The annual conference is probably the largest and most august event of Evangelical scholarship in the country; possibly the world. Definitely worth checking out if you ever have the opportunity.

Next year’s is in San Diego.


(Robert William Kleber) #6

Hello there, you O_wretched_man, I’ll do the best that I can to contribute. the message board here seems pretty cool. Allistar was a pretty cool guy. Very humble.

(Robert William Kleber) #7

Thanks for letting him know! I appreciate it, man!

(Kathleen) #8

Welcome, @Robert_William_Kleber! We’re glad you’ve found us here on Connect. What program of study are you doing at Denver? Looking forward to having your input in the different conversations!

(Robert William Kleber) #9

Hi there @KMac. I’m glad I found this place as well. So far everyone seems to be really great. I’m studying to get an MDiv with an emphasis in Apologetics and Ethics. I’m also rather good with languages. I speak fluent English and German. I’m learning Koine Greek and Biblical Hebrew at the seminary and I’m learning Spanish in my spare time as well. I’m musically trained as a classical musician so I hope to combine music virtuosity with Christian apologetics to begin a renaissance of Christian music and art for today’s audiences.

(Kathleen) #10

With your MDiv studies, I’m impressed you even have ‘spare time’ to learn Spanish. Ha! And that’s awesome that you’re a musician, and LOVE the idea of a renaissance. May God bless you on that path! What instrument are you trained on?

(Robert William Kleber) #11

Thank you! He has blessed me and I do appreciate the wishes for blessing on my path. I’m trained in Voice, Theory, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, and Piano. (It sounds like a lot and it is. I wish I had extra time to dedicate to improving my ability with each but it’s not that time right now.) May our Lord Jesus continue to be with you and bless your life as well.
-The Renaissance Man
Robert :wink: