Introduction: Robin Rainer

Hi everyone! I am a retired special education teacher from the Atlanta, GA area. I recently completed the core curriulum class. I am looking forward to learning, sharing my faith and providing a loving and thoughtful defense for the Hope that I have.




Welcome to connect Robin. As a special ed teacher I sure you had many challenges and many stories of the kids you have taught over the years. Life lessons shall we say that give you a unique perspective on life, the universe and everything. Looking forward to hearing from you in the future.

Just wondering how you came to connect with RZIM and then take the core module?


Welcome,@robin.c.rainer! Really glad to have you with us on Connect.


Welcome aboard @robin.c.rainer. Thank you for connecting with us. Glad to have another Academy alum joining as well. The foundation that you have after that courses so helpful for some of the questions that get asked here. I’m God-bless you and your journey here.

Welcome @robin.c.rainer
Feel free to converse with us and lets encoursge one another towards what Jesus wants us to do. It is great you are an educator haha. Welcome to the global family bro :slight_smile:

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