Introduction: Roger Watkins

(Roger Watkins) #1

Hi everyone, I’m Roger and am a lay person who has known Jesus for 35 years. I’ve been close to him at times and at others I’ve drifted away. I’ve always known he has never me or forsaken me. His steadfast love is amazing. I’m most familiar with his grace. I know he loves me and has always had a purpose for me. I just haven’t always known what or how it would be accomplished. It just works itself out according to his purposes and our free will lining up with his. I experience his love through his grace and truth. L(Love)=G(Grace)+T(Truth).

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @Livingauthentically,

Welcome! Your testimony of God’s faithful love and grace in our lives is a wonderful encouragement. I look forward to journeying with you in this community. I want to know more of Jesus’ constant love and be more like him in showing that to others.

(Roger Watkins) #3

Thanks. I once thought that I wanted to be a full time worker in the “ministry.” I now see that we are all in “the ministry.” Some are paid by believers in the church, and others are paid by their secular employers to perform their work expertise and they get the added bonus of a representative of God’s Kingdom who brings the perspective of Jesus to a lost hurting world. I have so many opportunities to have meaningful discussions about people’s struggles and their presuppositions. People are hungry for meaning and truth! It would be much more difficult to reach these people if I was in a church paid ministry position. Leading people to Christ at work although infrequent is a beautiful thing to see.

We are always exactly where we need to be for God to accomplish in us and through us what he intends for us as we do his will. Jesus said in John 4:32 “I have food to eat that you do not know about.” In verse 34 Jesus tells this what this food is, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work.”

I believe this is the food we all need for our spirit and applies to us as it does to Jesus. By realizing this we can operate from a position of rest. We should all just do what we are called to do by The Holy Spirit.

(Billie Corbett) #4

Thank you, Jesus! Thank you for being the great shepherd of your sheep and bishop of our souls! Thank you for keeping, Roger, and not letting him stray far from you.

(Roger Watkins) #5

Thanks for your prayer. I thank Jesus that he never forgets the lost sheep. As much as I tried to run from him in the past , I always felt his pursuit. God would put me in positions in the midst of my misplaced fellowship where I would speak to them of Christ and even have opportunities to lead them to Christ. At the time I wasn’t a good example of a disciple of Jesus but I couldn’t stop believing in him . All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes.

(Billie Corbett) #6

Hello Roger,

It is so important to understand we are the Lord’s servants…His beloved, redeemed children in this fallen, broken world. Much of what we do for the Lord is not in the realm of “recognized” ministry…and really…thank God for that. It is hidden from our eyes what God is working invisibly in and through us, to soften hearts to Himself…and hopefully…draw them irresistibly into His eternal kingdom…world without end.
I work with adolescent girls…in a secular role. Being a secular worker does not prevent me from serving God. By His grace, I develop a meaningful connection, relationship with each one…and serve them, according to the role of my responsibility…(only they can tell there is more “heart” in my work with them. This is evident to other working professionals as well.) God will glorify Himself… I only need be faithful to what He has called me to.
My role is generally short term…(in the big scheme of things)…
My job is not to evangelize…it is to minister to these young girls in their vulnerability and brokenness. To treat them with dignity and respect. To listen and hear what is at the root of their present difficulties…
And then, it is my privilege to advocate for them within the adult systems which are these kids see as overpowering, threatening and frightening them.
Praise God, they all benefit from the brief time we have together. Some likely are still alive…because God brought them what they needed through a “lay” person or a few “lay” people.
There is no doubt in my mind that God is with me…as I slog through the trenches of these kids lives with them. (God saved me out of those very trenches at the age of 17.)
Once they are off my “caseload” … if they want to keep connection with me…I continue to respond as an mature adult support person. I see some off and on in the community…and they are always happy to see me…and I them.
One thing I continue to do…Pray!
I pray for each one …and continue to ask the Lord to have mercy on them…snd to lead them to Himself.