Introduction: Ryan D'souza


(Ryan D'souza) #1

Hi everyone.

My name is Ryan and I will be starting the Core Module on RZIM Academy in August. I live on a small island called Bahrain, in the Middle East and I work in Admin for a car rental company.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Ryan,

Welcome to Connect! What are the opportunities like for building relationships with nonChristians and exploring Jesus with them in your context?

(Ryan D'souza) #3

Hi Carson. Well, it’s not easy… but having said that there are some who are open to dialogue and hearing about Jesus, and some who are honestly seeking the truth. It is difficult in the Middle East but where i live, it’s fairly liberal.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #4

Welcome, @Ryan_D_souza!!! Glad that you’re here and are apart of the Connect community!

(Keldon Scott) #5

Welcome aboard. I trust your connection to rzim connect will be rewarding. The core module is awesome. You will love it. Let us know how it is going from time to time.