Introduction: Sanchia


(Sanchia_J) #1

Hi everyone

My name is Sanchia. I am from South Africa, and I work in Community Development. I listen to Ravi’s Ministry on various radio stations and on Youtube, and I’ve found the literature he wrote very enlightening. Since childhood I have yearned to know what is truth, and in my late teens and 20’s I decided that truth lies in the science and irrefutable hard facts. Faith seemed too… intangible.

Recently, following a bout of cancer,there were three individuals who were particularly influential in helping me find my way back to the cross: Dr. Zacharias, Dr. Qureshi and Dr. Prasad (from Chai 3:16). Spiritually I was dying, I had given my spirit no nourishment. The combination of their ministries was an oasis, from where I drank deeply. Dr. Zacharias and Dr. Qureshi continue to be a blessing to me through their online content and published literature. I particularly enjoyed The Grand Weaver, which was useful when I asked the Lord: Why Cancer?, Why me?

I joined RZIM because I want to learn more to minister to my friends to show them that belief in science is no more different than idolatry, which worships the created rather than the creator.

Thank you for creating this platform, and I look forward to interacting with you all. <3

(Natalia Love) #2

Welcome here, Sanchia. The Grand Weaver spoke to my heart too in profound way when I read. Dr. Qureshi has been a blessing in our life too; my daughter refers to him as her mentor.

I’m keeping you and Nabeel’s wife and daughter in my prayers. If there’s anything in specific you’d like prayers for please let us know. There’s a different section on Connect for prayer requests - just FYI.

The Lord be with you

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @ClairDeLune,

Welcome! I’m so encouraged by your testimony. I am grateful that God provided for your healing - not only physically, but spiritually! I know you will be a blessing to many others who join Connect with difficult questions about their own suffering.

(Melvin Greene) #4

What a blessing to have you here, @ClairDeLune! You have an inspiring testimony. I look forward to your insights and I hope you’ll be equally blessed by being a part of this great community. We have some incredible prayer warriors here, so please don’t hesitate to share your needs, or struggles, and even your triumphs. As @Natalia_Love shared, there is a special section where you can share your prayer requests. It’s called “Members Lounge”. God bless you, Sanchia!

(Ethan Thomas) #5

Hello Sanchia! First of all; praise God for your healing! Second; welcome to the RZIM community!

(Sanchia_J) #6

Hi Everyone ! Thank you so much for the warm welcome :slight_smile: <3