Introduction: Sara!

(Sara Isaac) #1

Hi everyone! I have been here for a while but haven’t officially introduced myself :slight_smile: I am Sara Isaac. I am from Egypt. I believe that this is such a bright side of our modern day technology. It’s really so amazing how RZIM Connect did connect us all from all around the globe to share an interest in our faith. I am grateful for everyone who takes the time every day to interact and give lengthy informative answers.
God bless you all!

(Kathleen) #2

Helloooo, @saraisaac! It’s wonderful to formally be introduced! :smile: I didn’t realise you were from Egypt. What part are you based in? I hope to be in Cairo in September for a good friend’s wedding. I’ve never been, so I’m desperate to make it happen!

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Hey there, @saraisaac!! Welcome to CONNECT!

(Sara Isaac) #4

Yes Kathleen! I am in Cairo. I am going to make a really wild guess, is it Andrew & Lydia’s? It would be so awesome! I’d really love it if we met in person. I could even show you around!

(Kathleen) #5

Oh my word, yaaaaassss!! It is! I was in Andrew’s OCCA class and I’ve gotten to know Lydia this year. They are both so wonderful! If I am able to make it, I would love to meet you! I’ll definitely need a tour guide. :slight_smile:

(Sara Isaac) #6

Wowwwww!! They are the best. I am going to be looking forward to this. I am your tour guide of course!!

(SeanO) #7

@saraisaac Officially welcome! So glad to see you getting involved in the community and looking forward to further contributions. May the Lord Jesus bless you abundantly and watch over / guide you in all that you do.

(John) #8

Hi it’s nice to meet you. I’m new here myself. I’m from Canada.

(Sara Isaac) #9

Thank you Sean!

(Sara Isaac) #10

Nice to meet you John!

(John LaCasella) #11

Welcome Sara. So glad you joined us. Looking forward to hearing about Cairo in the future.

(Laurie King) #12

How cool is this!! LOVE that this forum has made this connection for you two! I agree with you about the fabulous side of technology Sara. I was just saying to my son yesterday it is such a blessing that within seconds we can be reading or listening to lectures and sermons from people all over the world. So much at our fingertips and now your new relationship! Beautiful!

(Sara Isaac) #13

Yeahhh! So cool. Would love to know you too Laurie! You are absolutely right. How old is your son?

(Jeri Bidi) #14

Welcome Sara, God bless you too

(Laurie King) #15

Aww Sara! I love your enthusiasm! My son is 33 and is the one who turned me on to RZIM in the first place. We love talking about deep biblical questions and grappling with the mysteries. And here you and I are, getting to know each other, from distant continents. So amazing!

(Billie Corbett) #16

Welcome, Sara.

What fun…reading introductions from people all over the globe!
It is delightful and amazing.

I am curious Sara. Obviously, you are a believer in Jesus…I am curious, Sara, how common is faith in Jesus? Is there an openness to the gospel of Jesus? To the Bible?

I have two sons-in-law who are Palestinian and Muslim. (They are cousins.)
The Lord has graciously used their introduction into my family, to introduce me to what I was previously ignorant about. There has been much learning for me about middle eastern culture and much learning for them about western culture.

As a result, I have been praying the Lord…would open up Middle Eastern countries (who are mainly Islamic in faith), to the Word of God and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For salvation to come to Eygpt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, etc.

From your perspective, sara, what are your country’s biggest prayer needs?

(Daren L McClellan) #17

Hi Sara,
Glad you are apart of Connect.
Would you help me understand what life as a Christian is like in Cairo? I am trying to see the body of believers from perspectives other than my own in America. Thank you.

(Sara Isaac) #18

It’s so wonderful to hear about your relationship with your son. I love that you two share the same passion about your faith. I sometimes have these kind of conversations with my mom as well. We will definitely get to know each other more through the discussions.

(Sara Isaac) #19

@Daren @Billie Thank you both for your interest and care concerning the body of Christ in this part of the world.
Christians are a minority indeed. We represent about 15% of the population. There is no clear ‘persecution’, at least in the large cities. Maybe in poorer areas you could find some unease. We don’t have the luxury of sharing the Gospel publically but this doesn’t mean that there are no one on one endeavors or smaller scale evangelism. The thing is that the common belief about Christianity that Muslims adopt come from either Qura’an or pop culture. I was talking to a friend about the Incarnation and he told me that he has never heard anything like this in all his life and that what I said, actually made sense!
The Church is now more involved and active in society more than ever. The Church movement is inclined towards either a community service approach or an Apologetic evangelical approach.
Due to the recent politcal uprise and the exponential increase in exposure to the western culture, people, especially the younger generation, became more skeptical and more repellent to what was taken for granted. There’s an “ongoing dissolution of the plausibility structure of the Middle Eastern mind” as Dr. Maher Samuel puts it. He is the leader of Credologos which is kind of the Middle Eastern RZIM. This organiztion has really helped during the past couple of years, in preparing young apologists and transforming the passive church goers into active individuals who seek more understanding about the challenges presented to our faith. I believe that all Christian should be apologists; we are immersed in a pool of opportunities almost all time and everywhere, and we should always be on guard to give an answer.
Well, @Billie you have asked a really hard question. What can I say?! Politics, education, poverty, health care, unemployment, rampant sexual harassment, administrative corruption in every governmental facility. I recently was scrolling down my facebook newsfeed, and I came across two very opposite saddening posts. The first one was about the #EndItMovement which is to end the sex trafficking in the west. And the one that followed it was another movement to end FMG (Female genital mutilation) and when I read the comments on it and how people (from Egypt mostly) are “against” stopping female circumcision, I was deeply in grief. I cried that night about how the world, east or west, was deeply and severely wounded and broken. Both lie on opposite extremes of the spectrum but both are equally astray. We need Jesus! I know it sound so cliché and church-ish but no laws nor legistlstions, not all the money in the world could fix the scene as long as the human heart is damaged. Only, by the One whom by His stripes we are healed, we can have hope.

(Sara Isaac) #20

@Billie I was wondering if you have ever had a conversation with your sons-in-law about their faith and shared your own with them. And how would they usually respond?