Introduction: Sara!

(Taylor V.) #41

Oh my gobstoppers. I’ve been watching A LOT of Jordan Peterson for the reason that he seems to be so honest with himself and others while being devoted to finding and standing up for the truth. But, I too have noticed that he doesn’t seem to directly point to Jesus as a savior, and it makes me wonder if he is still trying to figure Jesus and Christianity out.

I’m glad other people here are watching him.

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(Billie Corbett) #42

Hello Taylor,

Yes, I know others don’t believe he is searching for truth…but, I have listened to hours and hours of his university lectures, his public talks, his Q & A, interviews, forums…and there is a thread running through all I have listened to…he is searching for truth…
That searching, has in fact led him to be the powerful force of intellect that he is…This man has dug deep!
May he find Jesus…as he studies the scriptures …(though, I am pretty sure he doesn’t approach the scriptures as we do as believers…)

He is fearless and straightforward, and doesn’t see any shame in searching the old stories in the bible…
He has been instrumental in people starting to take an interest in the bible.
My prayer is for his salvation…
Pray Jesus would reveal Himself to Jordan Peterson in a wonderful way.
Pray that whoever reads the Word of God…because they were inspired to by Dr. Peterson…that Jesus reveal Himself to them, as well.

(Billie Corbett) #43

Hello Taylor,

I am subscribed to Paul Vander Klay’s You tube, as well as, Rebel Wisdom’s…
So this came in to me last night…
It might be helpful for you to get a bit more insight from a pretty stable, thoughtful, insightful pastor…who has been following Dr. Jordan Peterson.
While I don’t track Paul’s logic in everything he says…he does have some pretty sound wisdom and insight regarding Dr. Peterson and the modern church.
If you go to VanderKlay’s you tube channel, you will find a few you tube conversations with young men who have been drawn to faith…initially, through being challenged by listening to Dr. Peterson.

One thing I find interesting is Paul’s comments regarding these seekers coming to church…If I understood him correctly, basically, he has to meet with these people wanting to discuss the types of topics Peterson raises, outside the church structure…for them to have the freedom to converse and question.

Interested to know what others think of this video.

(Taylor V.) #45

Awesome. I’ll check it out and get back!

(Daniel Anaba) #46

Hello @saraisaac
It’s nice to formerly introduce yourself on connect. So glad for your contributions so far. Really enjoy reading your thoughtful answers to all the questions asked about Christianity in Egypt. May God empower you more so you can reach out to a lot of people in Jesus name.

(Sara Isaac) #47

Thank you Daniel for your kind and encouraging words!

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(Sara Isaac) #48

Thank you Billie for taking the time to explain the Jordan-peterson situation. When I first listened to him I thought, ‘Wow, he is such an intellectually honest man!’. Amen! Will pray for him. I am actually interested in watching the video you posted. I will watch it and then get back to you.

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(Sara Isaac) #49

@Billie check out this video. N T Wright says his opinion about Peterson in a nutshell.

(Billie Corbett) #50

Thank you, Sara.

I have seen N.T. Wright’s name mentioned on RZIM connect a few times. He is someone I am not familiar with.

What did you find particularly useful or helpful in understanding Dr. Jordan Peterson through this interview?

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(Maria) #51

Hello Sarah yes! You said it.horizontal issues that need a vertical fix. Only Jesus. Yes! We can pray together for His kingdom come. Looking forward to more conversation.

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(Sara Isaac) #52

I think that he said pretty much what we already know. But the thing is N T Wright is such a reliable and respected figure. So if he thinks highly of him then he must be something! Especially after the Cambridge incident. Such a sad thing truly.
But you have to get to know N T Wright! We have someone around here who says about him “N T Wright is always right!”. He is a very respected New Testament scholar.

(Sara Isaac) #53

Hello there Maria! I just looked up your introduction post. I am glad that you’ve joined. I hope this community would be a blessing. What church are you involved with in Charlotte? One would imagine Elevation :slight_smile: