Introduction - saying hello

Hello RZIM Connect community.
Laura Kelly here, a NY native living in Virginia USA
And saved by the blood of Jesus over 3 decades ago with the help of the Navigators while I was Serving in the US Navy. They are a phenomenal ministry.

I have been listening to Ravi for years but last year, I became a daily listener, reader, and passionate RZIM devotee.

My favorite book is the Logic of God so far. I listen to CDs, podcasts, YouTube, read books and can’t get enough of the teachings so generously shared. I work for the government where I feel stifled about speaking about Gods perspective and need a place to strengthen my faith where I can be free to ask questions and continue to learn.

My brain needs to listen to some of the teachings over and over to comprehend the philosophical depth, poetic references and intellect of the contributors - such gifted people of the faith.

I look forward to participating. Thanks for enduring my long introduction!

Laura Kelly


Welcome to RZIM Connect! @Ltlkelly

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Welcome to the connect @Ltlkelly! It’s great to have you join the team! Agreed that the Logic of God is an awesome book!

May God give you strength and wisdom as you seek to influence those in your sphere of influence for the Gospel :pray:t5:

God bless!


Welcome Laura

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Welcome to connect @Ltlkelly. Thank you for coming alongside us at connect. Your 30 years of following Christ will be a great asset here. I hope that you get to encourage new members or those who might be struggling with issues of life. Engage in the discussions that you find most challenging. I trust this site will be a blessing to you. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome brother!

Welcome to RZIM Connect @Ltlkelly!

Glad to have you! Praise the LORD for His faithfulness in His guidance and depth! He is so rich in treasures of wisdom, truth, knowledge, and love. May we continue to grow deeper in Him and become more lost in Who He is.

Jump in as you feel lead!


Welcome @Ltlkelly to RZIM Connect. I vicariously feel your stifling. As I thought myself the only person in my organization, I was determined to tread carefully guided by God’s wisdom. A short while ago, someone in my organization shared afterward to the effect that God had prompted that person to ask me if I believed in God and that there would be a blessing by doing so. As of today, I know of two (even three) of us in our organization for spiritual balance and support amidst the secular and organizational culture. Be faithful and of good courage. God is good!