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(Scott Bjerkness) #1

Hi everyone,
I’m a chiropractor , husband and dad of 6 and want to grow in Christ to help the world see him and love and help the questioner. I’m getting a lot of questions from our rowdy middle school boys group at church, I’m loving it and wanna be equipped well for them and my community!

(Craig northwood) #2

Amen to that Scott… I think teenagers in particular definitely need someone with a good grasp of apologetics that they can sit down with, they are surrounded by every kind of hostility to our faith and need to know there are answers to the questions they have if they are to remain part of the church when they grow up. I hope the Lord blesses your efforts!

(Scott Clifton) #3

Hi @lily, welcome aboard! What a great reason for joining!

(Lou Hablas) #4

Welcome, @lily Scott! Wow - dad of 6 AND middle school boys group leader! Awesome! I led a middle school group several years ago and probably heard some of the same questions. It’s so great that the boys in your group feel safe enough to pose those questions to you and in front of their peers. Kudos for creating such an environment and all the best as you walk with them and continue to set an example that shines light on the truth of the Gospel and Jesus Christ.

(Kathleen) #5

Welcome to Connect, @lily! I am so glad there are people like yourself who have a heart for the middle-schooler…esp. the boys! They are so precious…in their own middle-school way. :smirk: We’re glad you’ve joined us, and I look forward to learning with and from you!

(Scott Bjerkness) #6

cool thanks

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