Introduction: Scott Clifton

(Scott Clifton) #1

Hi everyone,

There are many ways that followers of Christ may compel those around them to consider the truthfulness of the claims of Christ and the characteristics of God. Logical argumentation is certainly one of those ways and it aligns with my own way of viewing the world. I appreciate a community that values truth and sound arguments without neglecting the importance of a genuine heart and upright character.

About me - I’m living in northern Minnesota and have recently transitioned from a position as a design engineer with Cirrus Aircraft to the director of FARMS International. FARMS is a non-profit ministry which seeks to help believers in financial poverty around the world without creating dependency. I am married have two kids and one on the way!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and God bless you all.

(SeanO) #2

@sclifton Welcome to Connect! That is a wonderful vision for a ministry to help those in poverty. What made you take the leap from design engineer to nonprofit? Blessings!

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @sclifton. Good to have you here. My folks live in Duluth and have a place on Rick lake by big sandy, I think. Look forward to reading your posts. God bless.

(Scott Clifton) #4

Thanks @SeanO, in an attempt to keep it brief, I experienced a convergence of my calling, strengths, and opportunity. I enjoyed many aspects of my engineering pursuits but always felt God was calling me to vocational ministry in some facet or another. I was also on the board for FARMS and mentored by the previous director. In the process of his retirement I came on staff and have now assumed his responsibilities. An important factor was also the philosophy of the ministry which I resonated strongly with. Of course there is more that could be said, but that is the summary. Thanks for asking.

(Scott Clifton) #5

Hello @Keldon_Scott, thanks for the welcome. Small world, I live in Duluth currently. What are the names of your family? I’m curious if I might know them. Blessings

(SeanO) #6

@sclifton What a blessing! Sounds like a great opportunity to serve the Kingdom in a way that aligns with your gifts and beliefs. May Christ bless you with wisdom and success as you lead.

(Scott Clifton) #7

Amen, thank you @SeanO

(Keldon Scott) #8

@Corinne_Scott and Kent Scott. My sister Kami lives in Superior.

(Jacob Stangl) #9

Welcome aboard from a fellow newbie! What an awesome testimony!

(Carson Weitnauer) #10

Hi @sclifton, welcome!

I’m so encouraged to hear of your heart and your work with FARMS international. I just looked your website up and am really excited to see all the good work you are doing.

I serve as chair of the board for Creating Jobs ( and if you’d be interested in a phone call to discuss ways we might serve together, please send me a PM!

(Scott Clifton) #11

Thank you for the welcome and kind words @CarsonWeitnauer!

I just checked out Creating Jobs, and would definitely be interested in some discussion! I’ll send a PM soon.

(Scott Clifton) #12

Thank you @JCS!

(Scott Clifton) #13

@Keldon_Scott, the world keeps getting smaller! I do not know your parents, but I do know your sister. I do not know her well personally, but we have many mutual friends.

(Keldon Scott) #14

Yeah my mother said that she reached out to you on Facebook. You have some 15 mutual friends apparently

(Lou Hablas) #15

Scott @sclifton, welcome and congrats on the recent transition! It sounds like you’re doing a wonderful work with FARMS International, and all the best as you move forward. All the best too, as you and your family await the arrival of #3. Several RZIM staff members have recently enjoyed the birth of a child - some for the first time - and celebrating these new lives and with the parents is always joyous. Good health and blessings upon your wife as the due date nears!

(Scott Clifton) #16

@Keldon_Scott, I look forward to connecting with her as well, thanks

(Scott Clifton) #17

Thank you @Lou_Hablas! It has been a time of many transitions for us, but in some ways all of life itself is a transition. I am thankful that God’s leading has been evident through it all.

Congrats to all the team that has welcomed new life recently, it is quite the adventure! Thank you for your prayers and blessings for my wife, we definitely appreciate it!