Introduction: SeanO

(SeanO) #1

Hi everyone, I’ve been around for a while, but never written an actual introduction. I am an engineer who loves Jesus. I grew up in a Christian household, but never really understood what the Gospel meant until I read C. S. Lewis - “God does not love us because we are good, He makes us good because He loves us.” Both the Narnia stories and Lord of the Rings helped sanctify my imagination and give me a deeper love for the great themes that run through Scripture, like justice, selflessness and eucatastrophe. I love talking about Jesus and am always humbled that as I study the Word my questions of skepticism always melt away into awe at how complex and nuanced God is…and how unfathomably loving.

I am super grateful to @CarsonWeitnauer for creating this awesome community and Dr. Zacharias for his ministry which has made it possible. Please pray for me as I pray for you.

Blessings in the Battle,

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Well, WELCOME TO THE CONNECT COMMUNITY, @SeanO!!:grin: Humbled and honored to co-labor with you, bro. 'Preciate you being here, man. Truly. I appreciate your mind but even more so, your empathetic/compassionate heart. Bless you, bro…

Grace and peace, my brother…in His grip and service.

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #3

Hi @SeanO!
You know, I always love reading your responses that are always filled with such heart and care. It’s really a blessing to have you with us on Connect! Despite your busy schedule, you still take time to answer the questioners here on RZIM Connect, which i absolutely am grateful for.

Thank you so much for your contributions! I look forward to learning more from you in the future!

(Anthony Costello ) #4

Sean, are you back from your PhD hiatus?

Always a blessing to see your posts; thanks for being with us.

in Christ,

(SeanO) #5

@anthony.costello My PhD ran into some minor roadblocks, so prayers appreciated. I think I just realized how much I enjoy engaging with such wonderful people here on Connect, so that even if I cannot commit at the same level, it’s actual a major stress reducer :slight_smile:

(SeanO) #6

@O_wretched_man Always enjoy your sincere heart brother. Never too busy for fellowship. How are your discussions with your youth pastor going?

(Helen Tan) #7

Welcome home, brother. This is where you belong and we are all the better for that !

(Anthony Costello ) #8


I hear you about the PhD brother; mine is also on hold. I will keep you in prayer, that things may go well in that area.

Love that Connect is a “stress reducer” for you; good to see you picture up here again.


(SeanO) #9

Thanks @Helen_Tan! Indeed, always glad to among brothers and sisters in the Lord!

(Patrick Prabhakar) #10

Hey @SeanO, what a surprise introduction!
It has just been a few months for me here at Connect and I must admit that initially I had the temptation to presume that you were Connect’s A.I. (Artificial intelligence) :grin: for your combo of quick answers and vast knowledge of resources, until it sank into my heart that you were H.I. (HIS intelligence). We are blessed with your labor of love for HIS sheep!

(SeanO) #11

@patrick Haha, yes, I have ‘been around the block’ within the Christian world, as they say, and I am very grateful to all of the godly people who spend their lives to help others understand God’s Word. Their labor saved me much heartache and doubt. I just feel so blessed that a place like Connect with so many wonderful people who want to know Jesus more is real - it reminds me of the amazing way the Holy Spirit is moving around the world and is truly an encouragement.

Your zeal for the Lord and sincere love for others comes through in all of your posts and I am honored to serve together with you. Grace and peace :slight_smile:

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #12

Ever since we went for coffee, we haven’t had the time to get together again. He’s got a family and a full time job and i have a full time job that requires me to work evenings, so it’s been busy. I would love to get talk with him again, though.

Thanks for asking!

(David Bruce Young) #13

Welcome, Sean. You wrote a great introduction. Although I don’t know about eucatastrophes, I do like happy endings. LOL.

(LaTricia J.) #14

Welcome!! hahahaha

@SeanO is like a valuable part of our community here - just had to put it out there from my own fingertips. :slight_smile:

(Jimmy Sellers) #15

Do you think that maybe somewhere on or in connect is your PHD material? Never having advanced that far in a formal education I will assume that you are always looking for that spark of inspiration. I pray that you find it as I am sure that it would be a project that would be God honoring and I would be able to use the famous line, “I knew him when…” :grinning:

Tell us the truth, were you just tired of the little empty check box? image

(Ian Britton) #16

Hello Sean! I was just speaking to a friend yesterday about how the Chronicles of Narnia and LOTR have been some of the most powerful guides to Christ for me in my life. I realize that that isn’t altogether uncommon, but it is always nice to hear that other believers were profoundly impacted by those books as well!

(SeanO) #17

@IanBritton Indeed, every time I reread Narnia or LOTR I feel that I encounter truth so profound that it draws me nearer to God. I cannot say that about most books. They have so much depth and are so soul-enriching. Praise God for hobbits and wardrobes :slight_smile:

What is your favorite moment from the books? I really like that Faramir rejects the ring of his own volition even within his own domain (at least in the books) - great to see a guy that is incorruptible and virtuous. The contrast between Faramir and Boromir is intriguing.

(SeanO) #18

@Daveswatch Haha, yes - the catastrophe part is not the part we humans like. I’m much more looking forward to feasting at the table of the Lord in glory!

(SeanO) #19

@LaTricia_January Thank you so much :slight_smile: You’re sincere love for God and others is always such an encouragement.

(SeanO) #20

@Jimmy_Sellers Haha, you got me, I cannot stand unchecked boxes :slight_smile: I would love it if my PhD could focus on something as God honoring as Connect - I could do Human Computer Interaction…