Introduction: Sharon Gilmore

(Sharon Gilmore) #1

Hi everyone! I too found RZIM Connect after hearing about the leadership conference in May and am hoping to livestream it. I am 52, a recent empty nester, married for 30 years with 3 children and am looking forward to this new season in my life and how God will use me. Currently I am a volunteer at a ministry here in North Carolina called Safe Harbor. We minister to women seeking recovery from many different addictions and strongholds. I’m preparing to facilitate classes and am always looking for new learning opportunities. I have never “tested” as one gifted with leadership skills but it is not stopping me from persuing the development of them. I desire to become all that God has created me to be and do and pray being a part of this community will aid me in that goal. I look forward to making new connections. Thank you and God bless!

(Billie Corbett) #2

Hello Sharon,

Praise God that you have a new opportunity to serve our Gracious God and Saviour at this stage in your life.
The Lord will add much to you in and through serving others who are struggling to extricate themselves from bondage.
Seek the Lord, fervently for grace, insight, wisdom, understanding …because that is what you will need. You will need all of these graces and many more…to be an effective servant within the role you are seeking to minister in.

If you have no experience with this population…seek to understand the nature of and long term affects of trauma…beneath the addictions.

I grow up in the world of addiction…it was all around me…and has followed me into my adulthood with my siblings. (I lost my brother to opioid addiction.) It is a world of complexity, illusions and intense pain.
God has not called me to serve in that world…because the suffering overwhelms me too quickly…

But, I have great believing friends who are called to serve in this area and a cousin who works in a recovery home. I am grateful to God for the love, care and dedication I get to witness … of those serving Jesus in this way.
My calling is to adolescent girls who have been overwhelmed by various traumatic challenges in their lives. (Sometimes addiction is part of their experience. When this is the case, someone else takes on that specific role of service providing.)
Blessings as you move forward in your life … serving God in this broken fallen world.

(Sharon Gilmore) #3

How kind of you to respond so graciously and with such encouragement. I will take all your words into consideration and before the Lord in prayer. I too lost a loved one to addiction, my brother’s son. Anything I can do to prevent even one from that tragic end with the power of the Holy Spirit, God willing I will do my best. I also suffered trauma as a child and can empathize with many of the women I meet. God can and is redeeming what the enemy intended for eternal sadness. We shall overcome by the blood of Jesus! Amen!

(Billie Corbett) #4

I think it’s wonderful you are seeking to serve God in a whole new way…

He is Faithful…

(Olivia Davis) #5

Hi Sharon! What a blessing it is to have you here. I so admire your attitude – that you’re trying to develop leadership skills even though you’ve never seen yourself as a leader! I think Connect can be very helpful in that area because it teaches us how to be confident in our faith, and confidence in Jesus, I think, can translate into effective leadership. Jump into the forums! Welcome to Connect.