Introduction: Shawn Suttle

(Shawn Suttle) #1

Hello everyone! MY name is Shawn Suttle. I’m a long time listener of Just Thinking and Let My People Think. And I’ve been saved for just over 17 years. I think I’m fairly sound in my doctrinal beliefs, but I do know that there is a whole lot I do not know. I’m always open to discussion about the various beliefs and world views that people hold.

I hope we all have a good day!

(SeanO) #2

@ssuttle1 Welcome to Connect! The Lord Jesus bless your time here as you grow in the grace and knowledge of Him.

(Daren L McClellan) #3

Welcome Shawn

(Kathleen) #4

So glad to have you here on Connect, @ssuttle1! :slight_smile: