Introduction: Siddin Jose Vargas Vagnoni

(Siddin José Vargas) #1

Hello everyone, I’m from Venezuela and I’m currently studying apologetics. It has been a total blessing to meet with this RZIM academy. God knows our hearts and I ask Him to make us more like Him and place us in those places at the right time where these important questions can have an answer that helps many to know Him.

I hope to have contact with other people around the world with whom we can share and learn.

From Caracas-Venezuela my most appreciated wishes for all. Peace of the Lord!

(Jack Johnson) #2

Welcome @Siddin
Blessings on all you do,
Looking forward to learn together.

(Olivia Davis) #3

Hi @Siddinv, we’re happy to have you! I’m so glad that RZIM had been a blessing to you. I share your same prayer – may God use what we learn in Connect to touch the lives of other people!

Welcome. I look forward to learning from you!

(Suzanne Richardson) #4

Hello Siddin and welcome! Yes, it is a great blessing to be a part of this community, and to be able to grow and share with others from all over :slight_smile: Excited to hear more from yourself and others as well!

(Siddin José Vargas) #5

Thank you very much to all of you. @Jack_Johnson, @Olivia_Davis, ZanneR, KMac and more.

My best wishes for this new year 2019. I am learning more and better every day how to approach people and be able to talk about the message they need to hear. I am studying the third module (The Bible) in the RZIM Academy.

I mainly speak in Spanish, but I understand English when I read it. Hugs and Blessings from Above!