Introduction: Simeon BAETZ

(Siméon BAETZ) #1

Hi everyone,
My name is Simeon. I live in Alsace, France. I thank the Lord to have such a great community of Alumni in one place to edify each other.
My wife and are preparing for pastoral ministry and one of my dream as a future pastor is to bring this wonderful tools from RZIM to our churches here in France.
I’ll be glad to read you. God bless.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

God bless you, brother and welcome to Connect!! I was just in Paris not too long ago and wondered what/where the Christian community is. It was my second time visiting your country and I noted that France seems very secular…at least, compared to the UK or US (who also have their own secularist growths). What’s it like doing ministry in France?

(Siméon BAETZ) #3

Hi brother, thank you for your welcome. Where are you from Warner ? I would be glad you let me know a little about you.
Your question about church is interesting because it corresponds to a sad reality in France: Church needs to awaken. When we answered God’s calling for pastoral ministry firstly I said « no » to God arguing that France is too hard. Sadly France is called the « missionaries cemetery ». It has to change and I really believe changing had to come from French people, and moreover from french christians. God transformed my heart for France because at the beginning when we answered, my wife and I, our calling to be pastors we thought to go abroad. Rapidly, God convinced us that we would be pastors for France and I asked God to give me his love for our people and our nation; and He did and is still working on. Today, I believe in the awakening of the French church and I’m equipping myself (so is my wife) and working to that. I believe we will hear the name of Jesus in the streets, in stadiums, in universities… and France will come back to Jesus. I know that this fight is for the inheritance of my children. Today, we see a lot of fights and struggles but I’m aware of that reality for my life and I think, dream and see the tomorrow’s reality by faith. So pray for France : pray for church because the wellness of our nation depends on the church and on Christians; pray for revival in France; pray for pastors and all the disciples of Jesus-Christ and their families (they are attacked and under a lot of spiritual pressure).
But there are subjects of joy and worship: in Colmar, Alsace, where I’m working with pastor Tarcisio (from Brazil), we see the beginnings of the revival. This year in our church which count 150 souls we baptized 30 persons (for France it’s a miracle :joy:) and we see miracles and what God is preparing for France.
May God bless you brother and thank you for your prayer.

(Kathleen) #4

Amen, @simeon.baetz!! What a joy it is to hear your story and to know that there are men and women like you and your wife in France with hearts on fire for Him and being obedient to His call. We’re glad that you’ve found us here on Connect and look forward to having your perspective in our conversations. :slight_smile:

(Warner Joseph Miller) #5

Hey there, Simeon! I’m actually an artist/storyteller from Brooklyn, New York City, USA! I also serve as a youth minister at my local fellowship. Other than that…I moonlight as a moderator on RZIM Connect!:wink:

(Les) #6

Hello Simeon! Welcome to Connect. I am Les from California and I too just joined after beginning the core module course RZIM offers. I look forward to what God is going to do through our interactions on Connect. Hope to get to your beautiful area some day. May you and your wife be blessed.