Introduction: Simon from NI

(Simon Grattan) #1

Hi everyone, my name is Simon and I’m from Northern Ireland. I’m really glad to be on here and I’m finding my way through the various questions etc.
I’ve joined up after completing the core module and then the science module more recently. Both were a great blessing to take part in and learn from the experts on-hand, it’s an incredible line up of inspiring people and so I’m interested to see how this forum can be used to learn more and connect with others.
I’m hoping I can help in some way as I work my way through but I’m sure I’ll be the one learning!

(SeanO) #2

@simong Welcome to Connect! So glad you’ve joined us and excited to hear how RZIM has been a blessing in your life. May the Lord Jesus give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in knowledge of Him as you seek His face and bless you through your time on Connect. See you on the forums.

(Simon Grattan) #3

Thanks Sean…it may take some time to work out how it all works but I’ll give it a try! Looking forward to it…

(SeanO) #4

@simong Once you get it all figured out it’ll be worth it :slight_smile: Look forward to hearing your thoughts / questions.

(Keldon Scott) #5

Welcome aboard @simong. So glad that you’ve joined us from Ireland. Wasn’t the core module and the elected you took such substantive benefit? What was your favorite of the 2 courses that impacted the way you thought or your life the most? I trust you will impact many here. Participate often. God-bless your journey

(Simon Grattan) #6

Thanks Keldon…they were two excellent resources and there was more information than I was certainly able to begin to take in but it was a pleasure to take the time out to listen Andersen what I could. As regards a favourite or key part of it, I’d have to be biased and say the parts from Prof Lennox (as a fellow Northern Irish man!) were amazing, his ability to say in 2 sentences what I would bluff and bluster around for 30mins, and still not make my point, is incredible. Also loved hearing about latest developments in DNA etc and seeing how incredible a God we have in the intricate ways He has made us…would recommend the module to all! Thanks…

(Keldon Scott) #7

Lennox is awesome! So, so good. Again, God be with you. Glad you are here.