Introduction: Sonny

(Sonny Cualteros) #1

Hi everyone,

Hello everyone. My name is Sonny, a humble servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m excited to know more of God’s plan for my life. By listening to His Words and learning from my fellow Christians, I know that I can serve Him well.

Looking forward to grow in faith thru this portal.



(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Sonny! Your sincere heart to follow God is encouraging, and I believe you will find Connect to be a place where you can learn and share with like-minded believers eagerly seeking to give Him glory through our service to one another on the threads. Looking forward to hearing from you!

(Elizabeth Hall) #3

Hi Sonny, welcome! I am new to RZIM Connect as well. It’s nice to meet you! I wish I could say something really encouraging here but I am a new Christian and I have a hard time thinking of spiritual things to say, but that being said I really hope you enjoy this community!

(Brittany Bowman) #4

Zenshii, we are all growing and learning together in Christ. I’m so excited to hear you have recently welcomed Christ into your life. Congratulations! God knows our hearts, and He values the sincerity of our hearts much more than the depth of our minds. Looking forward to hearing from you more on Connect!

(Warner Joseph Miller) #5

Welcome, Sonny, to the Connect community!! God bless you, brother. I hope that this resource and community of believers will be a enormous benefit to you. Again, WELCOME!

(Sonny Cualteros) #6

Dear Warner,

It’s nice to hear your welcome remarks. Hope to hear more from our fellow Christians. Regards…

(Sonny Cualteros) #7

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for your warm welcome. Looking forward to hear from you … Regards.

(Sonny Cualteros) #8

Hi Britanny,

It’s nice to hear a warm welcome from a fellow Christian. I hope to learn more from our community.