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I am Stanley Samuel and I migrated to USA 22 years ago from India to do a graduate degree (MBA). I have an degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Roorkee, India. Now I work full time as a Director/Global Engagement Mgr with IBM Watson Health in Michigan where I manage global projects implementing software solutions with emerging technologies using Artificial Intelligence solutions within Healthcare (Oncology).

Currently, I am a student for the Core Module for RZIM Academy. I am part of a local apologetics group that I attend, where we meet weekly to discuss challenging topics from the Bible,Christianity and the world around us. The facilitator introduced me to RZIM Academy and RZIM Connect, which is why I am here.

I was an altar boy at a young age with the Syrian Orthodox Church in India, but as a young boy I knew that the hand of the Lord was upon me, but still never truly followed the Lord in those early years, but was a dedicated Syrian Orthodox Christian. When I was in my late 20’s I accepted the Lord as my personal savior and was soon baptized along with my wife. My wife and I have two boys, 22 and 17. The Lord has gifted me with a passion for Teaching and Discipleship. This passion led me to complete a Diploma in Ministerial Studies in 2012 and an MA in Discipleship/Spiritual Formation from Moody Theological Seminary in 2016.

I currently lead a Bible study fellowship and a mission’s organization in India. I used to be a Chaplain with MarketPlace Chaplains and also an Associate Pastor in a local church. I am a member of a non-denomination church and am a Board Member at the City Rescue Mission in Lansing, where we provide food, shelter and hope for the homeless.

I am also an active blogger on Quora ( and have a personal blog I love writing, traveling and photography. It’s my desire to write some Christian books in the future.

I accept professional invitations only LinkedIn (handle- samuels) and all personal connections are on Facebook.

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Stanley. It is wonderful to hear how the Lord has been faithful in your life.

(Daniel) #3

Hi @stanleysamuel11, thank you very much for your detailed introduction. Great to see how God has already blessed you in your life and what gifts He has given you. Be blessed. Looking forward to hearing from you :grinning: