Introduction: Stephen Edward

(Stephen Edward) #1

Hello everyone,

My name is Stephen Edward and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I work with Wells Fargo as Scrum Master but my desire is to pursue apologetics and move into full time ministry, as the Lord leads. I hold a couple of Masters degrees, one in Management Information Systems from Northern Illinois University, Illinois and the other in Christian Apologetics from Liberty University. Currently a PhD prospect at Southern Evangelical Seminary, Charlotte, pursuing MA in Philosophy (Non-Degree Credits) so that I can enroll myself into their PhD program this fall 2019. At the age of 15, I first heard uncle Ravi and that is when apologetics got seeded into my heart. Ever since then I have been pursuing it passionately. I look forward to connect with you all and learn more about Christian Apologetics in 21st century.

Thank you.

(Anthony Costello ) #2


So glad to have you on Connect with us. I will pray that your time spent here will be fruitful to your life and ministry.

I used to live in Fayetteville, NC! Still miss North Carolina very much, hope to go back there some day. It’s way better than Southern California. SES is a good school, some solid philosophers there, I hope you make it into the program.

Grace and Peace,

(Stephen Edward) #3

Thank you Anthony. I am happy to have connected with you. Keep me in your prayers.

God bless,
Stephen Edward

(Keldon Scott) #4

Welcome aboard @StephenEdward. So exciting to have you join us. Your background and educational experience will be a great help for many here including me. Thank you for joining and God-bless your journey and your input here. Best to you as well on the remaining educational pursuits you have as well as your ministry aspirations.

(Stephen Edward) #5

Thank you @Keldon_Scott. Yes I am excited to learn more and also share my thoughts along. Looking forward to get involved in some challenging conversations.

(Kyle Spencer) #6

Welcome Stephen! Congratulations on the pursuit of your PhD! I’m excited to hear about your journey especially since it is one I’m considering myself. I have an MA in Ministry from Hope International and have been flirting with going down the PhD track at some point. I’d love to stay connected for both encouragement to you as well as listening in on your thesis ideas when you start building your dissertation!

(Stephen Edward) #7

Thank you Kyle. I am happy to hear about your goals of pursuing PhD, I will be praying that God will outpour his wisdom in making the right decision. I am excited to connect with you and learn new things which will be helpful towards my Thesis.