Introduction: Steve White


(Steven White) #1

Hello everyone. I came to faith in Christ 45 years ago but still have questions. I don’t think having questions is bad in itself, the issue is what do I do with the questions. I think God gives evidence, reveals himself yet also hides himself. Or another way to express it, God gives enough evidence to convince those willing to listen but not so much evidence that those choosing to reject are compelled to believe.

I am a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators, where my main role is helping colleagues with software questions.

(SeanO) #2

@Narphi Welcome! What kind of software work do you do? Connect is a great place to ask the tough questions. May the Lord grant you wisdom as you reach others and wrestle with His Word!

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @Narphi,

Welcome! I am encouraged by the work of Wycliffe. The reach of Wycliffe and the vision to get a Bible translation project going in every language that needs one by 2025 is just remarkable.

I believe you would have very interesting questions for the Connect community to discuss - and wise insights for us to ponder. I look forward to your participation in the community.

(R.Tim Nolin) #4

Welcome aboard Steven. I see human curiosity as a soulish trait provided by God that leads us back to Him. As we question and seek truth we see God revealed and if humble are compelled to glorify His magnificence. I may not be correct, but I think that the heavenly realm to come will be one where we are able to ask God directly all the questions we want as He unveils the wonders and mysteries of His creation.

(Brittany Bowman) #5

Wycliffe is a wonderful organization, and it is neat to hear of your work, Steve. You bring up an interesting thought on God allowing himself to be revealed, a topic heavy on my heart. I’m excited to learn how you have carried the faith over the years!

(Katie Gitthens ) #6

Hello @Narphi! I love that you work with Wycliffe and actually just prayed for you all this morning and any other locals for some translation work to be done in Kazakh! I can understand need to express your thoughts about God’s self revelation in a few ways. I, too, find myself in places where his greatness is just too much to be fathomed and describe it to other friends as my finite brain not being able to compute the infinite. Looking forward to hearing where you long for God to reveal more of himself and how that can spur us all on in the same direction.

(Steven White) #7

What keeps me going? What am I curious about? I would say what I have learned over the years is to keep seeking, to keep asking God. Beware of the sentiment that if you were really obedient or sincere you wouldn’t have this problem or that question. But bring your questions to God.

As I started writing this it occurred to me that Psalm 22 starts out with a ‘why’ question, “My God, why have you forsaken me?” I think this (and a number of other Psalms too) encourage us to present our raw emotions to God.

(Carolyn Knight) #8

amen to that. As Christians, we need to create a safe place for non-believers as well as Christians to bring their questions. Having questions is not a sign of weakness but indicates to me a seeking mind. We need to be prepared to answer questions as Peter says ‘‘with gentleness’’

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #9

Hello @Narphi. I appreciate your view regarding questions. I do still have questions. Your statement reminds me of doubt not being the opposite of faith, but unbelief. I look forward to learn and grow with you in this community! Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: