Introduction: steven firmin

(Steven J Firmin) #1

Hi everyone, My name is Steven Firmin from the sunshine state of Florida in the USA. I live in Oxford, England and am working on a PhD in Christian approaches to engaging with Islam, especially in the ‘political’ or ‘public’ sphere.

(Mrs. Rachel Carpenter) #2

Welcome, I am freshly new here also. Welcome!

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi Steven, welcome!

I don’t know if you were friends with Keith Small, but we are all grieving the loss of this incredible brother in Christ.

It is an encouragement to meet you. We do have an @Interested_in_Islam group that you might want to join. We mention it whenever there’s a good discussion on Islam going. Perhaps some members of that group will have questions for you? :slight_smile:

For now, I’d be curious to hear more about your Ph.D. thesis and any advice you’d have for how Christians can grow in their capacity to wisely engage with Islam…

(Rebekah DeWitt) #4

I am interested in knowing how to effectively communicate with those of the Islamic faith. I have a Muslim friend whom I have conversations with. If you decide to share insights here, that would be so nice to see!

(Natalia Love) #5

Hi Steven. I’m Interested in Islam as well, especially as it relates to the political sphere. Please feel free to share resources. Welcome to RZIM Connect!

Thanks for the tag, Carson.

(Joshua Spare) #6

Indeed, welcome, @SJFirmin! What a phenomenal place to be, in Oxford! I had the opportunity to spend a year there, and it is one of the most treasured memories for myself and my wife! Have you been able to find a good church community?

Also, welcome to Connect! I very much look forward to hearing more from you out on the forums!

(Keldon Scott) #7

Welcome aboard @SJFirmin. I wish you well in your studies. I hope that you share with us some of the approaches that you learn as well as some of the anecdotal encounters. May the Lord enrich your path and wisdom learning how to best approach other world views. God-bless.

(Kathleen) #8

@SJFirmin - no way! We’re neighbours! So I welcome you both to Connect and to OXF. :slight_smile: What college are you based out of?