Introduction: Sumi


Hi everyone, I’m Sumi from Malaysia. Nice to meet all of you. I came here from an rzim introductory course. It’s a real privilege to be able find an avenue for our questions. I hope I’ll be able to add value to all of you as we pursue truth and that we would grow as children of God.



(Joshua Spare) #2

Welcome to Connect, @Sumitranaidu! I’m so glad you made your way here to Connect! I think you will find the community to be a great resource for helping to think through some of those questions. I certainly know that you will add a great deal of value, and I look forward to see you beginning to engage on the platform!

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome, @Sumitranaidu! It’s so great to have people from all over the world on this platform. Praying that this will be an enriching place for you to learn and grow. Blessings to you!