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Hi everyone
I have been following and listening to Ravi for over 15 years. I have recently completed the study guide and book Jesus Among Other Gods. I am so excited to learn more and am wanting to engage in more meaningful conversations with college students as well as people my own age. I have 3 grown children and am married to a wonderful Christian. My kids are Christian, but only one has been baptized on his own. My daughter is currently in Vietnam and is strongly drawn towards Buddhism. My oldest son is a police officer and I pray for his safety every day!

I am excited to be a part of this community and learn from all of you.

(Nancy Artur) #2

Welcome to the group Susan! I will be praying for you and your family as well. God bless!

(Joshua Spare) #3

Welcome, @susanwade! I’m so glad that you have joined our community here on Connect! It sounds like you will have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share! And what a blessing of a family it sounds like you have!

I love your enthusiasm for engaging college-aged students! Is there a particular question that you have been pondering recently in regards to engaging this demographic?

Again, welcome to Connect! I’m excited to have you join!

(Susan Wade) #4

Hi Joshua:
Thank you for responding. I think my biggest hurdle is getting people who “want” to know more. I have a Russian friend who said , “I cannot believe in a person like God.” She says she is a Buddhist, however she is extremely depressed and self-centered.

My daughter, living in Vietnam is attracted to Buddhism because of the calming, “lets get along with everyone”-type of surface philosophy. However, it get people to want to go deeper, is a challenge.

I realize that you cannot force people to think deeper. I guess I am wanting to attract people and follow more of Jesus’s model. Any suggestions?

(Susan Wade) #5

Thank you! I am excited to talk more in-depth with other believers. We currently live in Chicago, but are moving back to the mountains of Colorado in a few months. God is constantly bringing people into my life that are hurting, and I am needing strength from fellow believers!

(Nancy Artur) #6

Very nice getting to know a little bit more about you Susan. I am Costarrican, married to a wonderful man, mother of a 3-year old, and daughter of a godly pastor. As yourself, I constantly come across people in need for advice, counseling and the love of God in their lives. I also commonly interact with non-believers with questions and concerns (and sometimes anger and hate) about the Christian faith, for whom I definitely want to be a light and the best reflection of Jesus they can see. This community is definitely an awesome tool to grow in faith and to learn about a diligent defense of our faith motivated by God’s love and grace.

(Keldon Scott) #7

Welcome @susanwade. Glad to have you aboard. What college would you have the opportunity to have conversations. I am near MSU in East Lansing MI. I love having conversations with college students. I also have two grown boys, 35 and soon to be 30, and my oh my am I too young to have kids that old. :slight_smile: One has accepted Christ, but my youngest is agnostic. So, I will pray for your children – could you pray for mine. Thank you so much, and so glad to have you joining us.

(Joshua Spare) #8

Hey, @susanwade! That is a phenomenal question, and one worth taking some time to think about! What I want to do is encourage you to ask that question of @Shawn_Hart in the Ask Shawn Hart (July 30-August 3, 2018) forum this week! I know that Shawn will have some excellent thoughts along those lines, and, if you are lucky, he might just share one of the raps that he has written with you!

(Natalia Love) #9

Hi Susan,
Welcome here! I’ll be praying specifically for your daughter. I was in Vietnam many years ago as a volunteer and educator at a local hospital in DaNang. I wasn’t following the Lord at that time, and was drawn to meditation and Buddhism too. However, it is a fake facade to believe the “religious” tranquility of it all. Please remind your daughter that Vietnam is a communist country and people must “practice” their rituals and beliefs in such ways as to not stir things and to get along. I remember how I was visiting some area when I was on my day off and wanted to practice standing meditation, and was unable because the communist soldier came to monitor me and I guess it was too expressive that I wasn’t allowed (I was basically standing, hands together, eyes closed). Later, when I was born again and visited Israel, I remembered it on the Temple Mount where we weren’t allowed to pray or even to close our eyes or give any suggestions of a prayer; on the surface of compliance it felt peaceful but for what price?

The Vietnamese culture however is one of hospitality and kindness. I remember watching couples, sitting by the river at the end of the work day. Their feet and faces were dirty but they were holding hands, drinking their coconuts, and looking in each other’s eyes so in love like nothing else existed. I fell in love with Vietnam. If I may suggest sometimes when we think that it may be the “spirituality,” it may actually be the culture. I’ve learned that cultural competence is an important area to study too.

Thank you for sharing about yourself. Stay in touch.

My very best and prayers

(Lakshmi Mehta) #10

Hi Susan, Welcome to Connect! Praise God for your heart for college students. I came to the U.S. as a college student many years ago and it was because of campus ministries that I got some exposure to church. Praying for your daughter in Vietnam. May the love of Christ draw her and make firm the foundations she received growing up. Blessings!

(Carson Weitnauer) #11

Hi @susanwade,

Welcome to Connect! I am encouraged to hear of your love for people of different cultures and worldviews. I believe the community here will encourage and support you as you grow in your capacity to help your family and neighbors find their way home to Jesus.

(Shawn Hart) #12

Welcome to Connect Susan! We are glad you have joined us. I will be responding to your question today in this forum: Ask Shawn Hart (July 30-August 3, 2018). I will tag you in the response so you should be notified when it goes up.

Have a great day!