Introduction: Sven :-)


(Sven Janssens) #1

Hi everyone,

My names is Sven from Belgium and it is a privilege and an honor to be able to be part of this community.
Although I’m not highly educated, I am very interested in everything that has to do with the Word of God.
I have been in ministry since 2000, called to serve God towards the church. Although the job is very confronting and intense, I wouldn’t swap it for the world, except if God tells me otherwise.
I’ve been a “fan” of RZIM and will share it where I can.
One of my favorite part of everything I’ve watched and read are the Q&A. I love to hear and see what people have to ask, what is inside of the and the way they share that question.
I love to hear and see how questions are answered and handled.
And RZIM … thumbs up … lot’s of love and patience there

I hope I will be able to learn a lot here and hope to be a blessing just as well.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @Sventje,

It is a privilege and an honor for us to get to know you in Connect! Thank you for sharing about RZIM with the people you know! We really appreciate it.

Connect is all about the Q&A. I encourage you to bring your questions into the community - you’ll get amazing answers. And I encourage you to ‘test yourself’ with how well you can answer other people’s questions. Strive to demonstrate an incredible love and patience in your answers. The practice here will be great for the conversations you have at your church and with friends in Belgium.

I look forward to it!

(SeanO) #3

@Sventje Welcome to Connect! It is encouraging to hear of your willingness to answer the call of God in feeding His sheep. May the Lord bless you with wisdom and power as you minister to others in His name. Connect is a great place to ask tough questions and engage in meaningful discussion on topics regarding the faith. Look forward to seeing you out on the forums.

(Sven Janssens) #4

Thank you very much for this warm welcome.

I have been watching RZIM for a while now and when I tell people about it then this is what I say:
“The reason why I love RZIM is because the want people to excel and to think and research.
All the people working with this ministry present themselves with love and gentleness. I have heard people ask hard and confronting questions … and although the answers from the RZIM team were straight forward and right on the target, they are always with love and gentleness, never demeaning or harsh”

And again, when reading all the welcome, and going through all the rules and tutorials … it is amazing how this level of respect and love and care just flows through this ministry.

Bless ya and again thanks for this warm welcome on CONNECT :slight_smile:

(Warner Joseph Miller) #5

Hi there, Sven!!! Great having you, here. I echo the greetings and well wishes of Sean and Carson. Welcome, brother!:v:t6:

(Jimmy Sellers) #6

Welcome to the community there is always more room at Cross. It level here, it’s civil here, it’s safe here and mostly it’s loving.

(Anthony Costello ) #7


Sven, so good to have you here with us. Looking forward to hearing your questions and learning more about you.

Where are you in Belgium? I used to live in Germany and made a few trips there. Very beautiful place.


(Sven Janssens) #8

@anthony.costello : thank you for this warm welcome.
I am not a very good question asker, though I have a lot of them.
As far as I can remember I never raised my hand in class except for going to the bathroom :smile:
I just tried to figure it all out by myself by watching and observing.
Yet I will do ask questions here and try to do my best to learn and participate in the best way I know.

Originally I am from Antwerp, but lived at several places.
The last 6 years I have been living at the coast. 20 minute alk from the see.
I was stationed in Germany for 9 months in 1989 - 1990 (army)

Where did you live in Germany? Guess you speak the language then :slight_smile:
Where in Belgium have you visited?

(Anthony Costello ) #9


Well, I look forward to your questions, no matter what form they take :smiley:

I lived most of the time in Bavaria; first in a small town called Eichstaett, which is near the town of Ingolstadt (where Audi headquarters are), and then in Munich. I also lived in Innsbruck, Austria for a while. When I visited Belgium I went to Brugge and Ghent. That was a long time ago, and I was not yet a Christian. So, all I really remember, is the beer :nauseated_face:

Maybe God will allow me to come back someday, but this time with a different mission.

In Christ,

P.S. Kannst du auf Deutsch schreiben?

(Sven Janssens) #10

I did ask a question already, hoping to get an insight on the subject.
About 2 Timothy 3:16

I lived in Ghent for a while and now close to Brugge, like half an hour by car.
Yes… I understand the beer :smile: It is part of the culture,… Well in moderation of course :slight_smile:
If ever in Belgium, you are always welcome.
Bless ya.

Und nein, ich schreibe kein Deutsch, aber ich verstehe es vernünftig. :wink: