Introduction: Swamidass

(S Joshua Swamidass) #1

Hello I am a professor, scientist and physician who blogs at Peaceful Science.

I can be always reached over here:

(Anthony Costello ) #2


Hi Joshua, it’s great to see you here on Connect! I’m familiar with some of your work; we’ve had a few friendly FB exchanges. I’m excited to interact with you more and look forward to some of the insight you can bring to us from the world of biology. May God richly bless you and your ministry.

in Christ,

(S Joshua Swamidass) #3

Thanks for the warm welcome. We’ve been doing a lot of work on the science of Adam and Eve, so I am always happy to answer questions about this, or anything else in the sciences.


(Lakshmi Mehta) #4

@swamidass, Welcome to Connect! Just glanced at your article about genealogical Adam and Eve in “Perspectives on Science and Christian faith”. My background in science helped me a little in understanding your article but genetics is still out of my area. It is fascinating to learn that genetic ancestry is not the same as genealogical ancestry and that genetic isolation doesn’t demonstrate genealogical isolation. Populations outside the garden was a new concept and I am wondering how we can biblically support that. Look forward to learning from your contributions.

(S Joshua Swamidass) #5

Nice to meet you, and thanks! I think it can be supported. I have a book in the works with IVP coming out soon, if I can finish this draft! You can see some teasers here:

(Elias Kruger) #6

Welcome, Dr. Swamidass! Looking forward to dialoguing here.

(S Joshua Swamidass) #7

I was looking forward to it too!

Unfortunately the @moderators clarified that linking to public engagement I’ve done would violate their rules. The challenge for me is that I’m a professor at a secular institution. I am engaging questions like Adam with high rigor, sometimes making claims that require that I can substantiate them to my colleagues. And it is not possible to do that here.

Of course I want to respect these rules, but that means I am not going be able to engage deeply here until something can be worked out. If you have interest in continuing the conversation, you can always find me at Peaceful Science. I’ll check in when here I can to answer high level questions.


(S Joshua Swamidass) #8

One more thing. They did graciously permit me to link to peer reviewed work. So I can link these:

(Elias Kruger) #9

I understand. Either here or on Peaceful Science, we’ll find a way to dialogue.